DriveWorks as a CPQ Solution

Article by Isaac Smith on Mar 27, 2024

When introduced to DriveWorks, the context usually revolves around CAD automation. Classic demo examples include configuring folding doors, semi-truck trailers, scissor lifts, etc. Many of us see a huge benefit in being able to automate our CAD generation (along with other documents) so we do not have to configure roughly the same model for every single quote.

Some DriveWorks functions that facilitate CAD automation include:

  • DriveWorks Form Design Technology
  • Rules
  • Configurable 3D representations of products
  • Workflow

These main pieces of DriveWorks functionality are the core of driving CAD automation: utilizing forms to make configuring a product easier, creating rules to integrate complex functionality and guidelines to your configurator, workflows to direct progress, and configurable 3D representations to present the current configuration before the actual generation. These same tools allow DriveWorks to serve as a great CPQ solution.

What is CPQ?

CPQ is short for Configure, Price, and Quote. A good CPQ system should help the sale of products be more effective and efficient, and these systems are especially useful when the products they are selling are highly configurable and must be priced accurately. 

CPQ systems are also helpful when the company's product catalog is large. With large catalogs and highly configurable products, the sale can be quite long and laborious, sometimes requiring a lot of back-and-forth between the sales representative and the customer. 

Enter DriveWorks. 

The CPQ DriveApp

The CPQ DriveApp was created to help speed up the implementation of a CPQ solution inside of DriveWorks. A typical implementation would require creating a blank project; creating custom rules, logic, and forms; and deploying those projects either internally or externally. 

The CPQ DriveApp circumvents all of that, allowing people unfamiliar with the DriveWorks rules and logic tools to facilitate the management of the CPQ system. DriveApp allows the implementation of a CPQ system that links the front-end configuration performed by sales and the back-end manufacturing data used by engineering and manufacturing departments.

CPQ DriveApp: Managing Orders and Quotes

One of the core pieces of CPQ is order and quote management. DriveWorks utilizes a listing-type format to organize quotes. Here, additional quotes can be added or existing quotes can be edited.

Manage Order Quotes with DriveWorks CPQ DriveApp

CPQ DriveApp: Standard and Complex Items

DriveWorks has some useful features that make it a great environment for managing CPQ data. Let’s review how the CPQ DriveApp manages items.

The Catalog

The CPQ DriveApp Catalog manages all items used in the quotes mentioned earlier. All items in the catalog can be organized into categories, which can also contain subcategories. 

For example, the Homeware category in the example catalog contains other categories, such as Waste Baskets, Lights, and Seating.

DriveWorks DriveApp Categories

These categories make adding items to quotes straightforward since items are grouped in an organized manner; it is intuitive that Lights and Waste Baskets would be part of Homeware and prevent searching through a vast array of unorganized items.

For example, below is what we are presented with when selecting the items for a quote in the CPQ DriveApp.

Quoting with the DriveWorks DriveApp

Selecting the Homeware category presents us with the subcategories mentioned earlier.

DriveWorks DriveApp Subcategories

Selecting Waste Baskets brings us to the various waste basket items we can add to our quote.

DriveWorks as a CPQ Solution

Having an intuitive catalog, which allows organization and grouping of items, makes for easier quote creation. 

Two main types of items can be added to the catalog: standard items and complex items.

Standard Items

Standard Items are simple items that are not configurable and typically purchased in more than one quantity (e.g., the waste baskets from earlier). Setting these items requires no more than the SKU or Product Code, a name, and pricing information (including bulk pricing and other discounts).

Example of Standard Items in DriveWorks CPQ Standard Item Info DriveWorks CPQ Solution

Complex Items

Up until this point, everything we have discussed has been entirely isolated to the CPQ DriveApp and has not included any other feature of the DriveWorks software. We will now start utilizing features outside the CPQ DriveApp with Complex Items.

Custom Items allow DriveWorks product configurators to be integrated into the quoting process in the CPQ DriveApp, allowing the custom products being developed by your organization and require configuration to present an accurate cost, to be integrated into the CPQ DriveApp. The custom items connect to a DriveWorks project, where the user will input their configurations onto the form, and the project passes the pricing information back to the CPQ DriveApp. 

From the CPQ DriveApp example, below is what it would look like to add a Custom Cupboard to a quote.

Add Custom Item in DriveWorks CPQ Solution

Once the form is filled out and completed, the custom price is then added to the CPQ order. Custom items allow previously created DriveWorks projects, which may already contain pricing information, to be integrated into orders.

DriveWorks Live: CPQ in Your Browser

DriveWorks also provides a web service called DriveWorks Live, which allows users to run specifications and access other dashboards through their browser. It is also possible to access DriveApps, such as the CPQ DriveApp, through the browser in this same manner. This means that many individuals throughout an organization could access and review CPQ data from their browser without needing to install additional software.

DriveWorks Live in Browser

As you can see, DriveWorks is a valuable solution for CPQ management. Want to learn more? Check out additional DriveWorks articles below.

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