Network License Management for SOLIDWORKS

Article by GoEngineer on May 21, 2013

The license scheme was changed starting with version 2010 so that, moving forward, the license software itself syncs with the SOLIDWORKS Activation Server to directly check out the license pool for the floating network license. With this in mind, all that is needed is an installation disc (or downloaded data set) and the SOLIDWORKS floating network serial number.

It should be further noted that when it comes time to retire the license server and migrate its operations to a new machine the license needs to be manually transferred from the server and checked back into the SOLIDWORKS License Activation mainframe.

The following are the detailed instructions on how to upgrade SolidNetWork License Administrator software a new release.


The license server supports multiple license clients. It distributes licenses to clients on the network.
To install a license server:
1. Insert SOLIDWORKS Disk into the license server drive (or use a downloaded data set).
2. Select the ‘Server Products’ option, select ‘Install SolidNetWork License Manager’, and click Next.
3. Follow the on-screen directions to install the ‘SolidNetWork License Manager.’


Start the newly install utility once and have it activate the license.
1. In Windows, click ‘Start’, ‘All Programs’, ‘SOLIDWORKS 20XX’, ‘SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork License
Manager’, ‘SolidNetWork License Administrator.’
2. The first time the utility starts it will see no license and offer to then activate the license.
3. In the ‘SolidNetWork License Activation Wizard’ dialog box select your options.
a. If your company uses a firewall, select ‘A firewall is in use on this server’.
b. Use the Port Number and Vendor Daemon Port Number default values, or type the port
numbers that your company uses.
4. Go ahead and active the server through the internet.
5. Once this activation wizard is finished you will have a functioning license system.

Please note that the port number is a TCP/IP port number in the 1024 – 60000 range, used exclusively by this process. The default, 25734, is normally suitable and is unlikely to be the same as any other FLEXnet or FLEXlm server process currently on the license server.

It is highly recommended that you also check each client machine against the recommended hardware list and make sure each machine is running updated graphics drivers. Failure to upgrade the graphics drivers along with the SOLIDWORKS upgrade may result in graphics issues, instability, and possibly crashing. (

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