Product Specific Admin Image Creation in SOLIDWORKS

Article by GoEngineer on Dec 03, 2015

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a product-specific admin image in SOLIDWORKS that needs to be added to a SOLIDWORKS installation. This can also be used to install a product for a user that only needs the specific product, and not the entire installation.

Where to Find It

Insert your SOLIDWORKS DVD or Downloaded Installation Media. Right Mouse Button on ‘setup’ and select ‘Run as Administrator’.

On the Welcome page, select ‘Administrative Image’ as the type of installation. Also, make sure that ‘Create a new image using default settings’ is selected.

Product Specific Admin Image Creation in SOLIDWORKS

After selecting ‘Administrative Image’ as your type of installation, click Next. 

On the serial number page, enter the serial number for the appropriate product selection, and then select ‘Next’.

You will now be taken to the Summary page, where you will need to select ‘Change’.

SOLIDWORKS Summary Page Change Admin Image

Select the product(s) to be included in the Administrative Image, and then click ‘Back to Summary’.

Administrative Image Product Selection

Back on the Summary page, you will see the products that were selected on the previous screen. Verify that everything you have selected is showing in the ‘Products’ box.

Product Summary for SOLIDWORKS Admin Image

Accept the terms of the SOLIDWORKS License Agreement by clicking the checkbox and then select ‘Create Now’ to start the image creation process.

Creating a Product Specific Admin Image in SOLIDWORKS

Once the image creation has completed, you will have the option to select ‘Show me how to install this image on a client’. This will take you to a document that will walk you through installing the image on the end user’s client machine.

Administrative Image Creation is Complete Screen

The administrator can use the “Administrative Image Option Editor” to create SOLIDWORKS images and deploy them to specified groups or individual users at the same time. This is a time-saving resource when multiple machines require a SOLIDWORKS installation and not all the features are needed in every machine.

SOLIDWORKS Administrative Image Option Editor Global Settings

In the “Global Settings” dialogue box, parameters can be modified as desired by the administrator. The administrator has the option to modify serial numbers, Solid Network License (SNL) server information, type of installation (new/upgrade), activation options, software to install, etc.

Global Settings Setup Admin Image Option Editor

The administrator can either create a new group or add a machine. This allows the administrator to specify settings that will be applied to a specific group or machine. Multiple individual machines can also be added to the list.

Add Group Admin Image Option Editor

Add Machine SOLIDWORKS Admin Image Setup

The settings for individual computers or groups can be changed in this section.

The administrator can specify the serial numbers that are required to be used by certain groups or individual computers. The administrator has the liberty to select the software that needs to be installed.

SOLIDWORKS Global Settings XYZ

Once the settings have been selected, there are two ways to deploy the image to the client machine.

Deploy manually asks the administrator to send an email to the client.

Manually Deploy Image to Client Machine

Deploy automatically gives the administrator the option to deploy SOLIDWORKS without user interaction.

Deploy Automatically Image to Client Machine

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