3 Ways to Refresh SOLIDWORKS Simulation Plots

Article by Taran Packer on Aug 08, 2015

SOLIDWORKS Simulation plot graphical changes (such as isolate, hide/show, exploded views) are not updated automatically. The plot that was visible before the change remains visible after the change unless additional steps described below are followed. This is due to the fact that the results data loads based on the original view state, the plot must be refreshed. There are three separate methods of regenerating a SOLIDWORKS Simulation plot after a graphical change has been made.

Simulation plot before isolating the connecting rod of this piston assembly.

Simulation plot before isolating the connecting rod of this piston assembly.

How to Refresh SOLIDWORKS Simulation Plots

Simulation plot after isolating the connecting rod, but before regenerating the plot.

Method #1: Edit Plot Definition

Right-click the desired plot then select Edit Definition. Now click the green checkmark to update to the Simulation plot based on the current graphics.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Edit Plots Definition

Edit SOLIDWORKS Simulation Plot Definition

Method #2: Hide, then show your Simulation Plot

Right-click the plot of your choice then click the hide option. Now right-click the same plot and click show. This will update the Simulation results based on the current graphical data.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Hide/Show Plots

Show Plots in SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Method #3: Activate another Simulation Plot, then return to the original

The quickest of the three methods is to activate a different plot and then return to the original plot.

How to Activate SOLIDWORKS Simulation Plots

Show Original SOLIDWORKS Simulation Plots

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