Resolve SOLIDWORKS Imported STEP File Error: Encountered Invalid Record Index

Article by Tashayla Openshaw on Jun 28, 2022

Have you ever imported a STEP file into SOLIDWORKS and saw the error Encountered invalid record index? This error occurs because SOLIDWORKS found problematic data in the file.

Encountered Invalid Record Index Error Dialog Box  

Fixing the Error

Luckily fixing this error is relatively straight forward and simple. 

  1. Start by checking the Import settings in your System Options. Tools > Options > System Options > Import
    1. Deselect the setting Enable 3D Interconnect.

      Deselected Enable 3D Interconnect Option in SOLIDWORKS System Options

  2. Open the STEP file in Notepad so that it appears as text. 
  3. Go to Edit Replace.
    1. For the Find what section, look for ‘PRESENTATION_STYLE_ASSIGNMENT’ and Replace with the word ‘Pres’. Then select Replace All.

      Invalid Record File Error Find and Replace

  4. Save the file in Notepad. Now, that parameter will be overlooked and should import properly into SOLIDWORKS. 
  5. Attempt the import again with the newly saved file. It should open without that error.

    Resolve SOLIDWORKS Encountered Invalid Record Index Error

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. To learn more about SOLIDWORKS, check out more tips and tricks listed below.




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