SolidNetWork License Manager Manual Activation

Article by GoEngineer on Dec 21, 2015

To properly activate the SolidNetWork License Manager, there a few steps involved that should be completed before updating the clients.

Install/Upgrade the SolidNetWork License Manager using the Installation Manager.

  1. Open the SolidNetWork License Manager
    1. You should see five tabs, one being the Server Administration tab
  2. Select the Server Administration tab
  3. Select Modify

    SolidNetWork Modify License Information

  4. You will get a screen that has you select the product you want to activate, and the method of how you want to activate
    1. Select Manually via email

      SolidNetWork Manual Product Activation

  5. Select Save to receive the requested file (using a USB drive or other storage means)
    1. This will be needed to send the file to SOLIDWORKS

      Manual Activation Request for SolidNetWork License

  6. Email the saved file to
    1. You might need to do this from a different computer if you do not have Internet on the server
  7. SOLIDWORKS Activation will email you back a configure file
    1. Save this file as you will need it to load into the activation manager
  8. Select Modify in the Server Administration tab
  9. Select Open
    1. Select the configure file that SOLIDWORKS Activation included in the response

      SOLIDWORKS SNL Manual Activation

  10. You will get a window stating the activation was successful

    Successful SOLIDWORKS Product Activation

  11. Select Modify in the Server Administration tab 
  12. The Save process needs to be completed a second time as the dialog states in the above note.
  13. Select Save to receive the second request file
    1. This will be needed to send the file to SOLIDWORKS
  14. Email the second saved file to
    1. Required from SOLIDWORKS, this is a two-step process
  15. Once the second file is received, repeat the same open process as outlined above
    1. Modify>Manually via email>open and select file to load
  16. The product should be activated and ready to update the clients.

I hope you found this article helpful. Learn more about the SOLIDWORKS SolidNetWork below.

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