SOLIDWORKS Electrical Color to Number Conversions

Article by John Lieber on Jan 17, 2016

When defining wires, cables, and cable conductors, we routinely define the color. When using the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Application, it is pretty easy as we are presented with the colors in ‘named’ form (e.g., Red, White, Blue, etc.).

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Application Colors

However, if you happen to be using an Excel spreadsheet to define your wires or cable properties instead of using the name, we use a number.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Colors in an Excel Spreadsheet

Below you will find a conversion chart for the color/name to numbers as well as an image to help you determine the numbers for all the colors that are not named but numbered.

Color to Number Conversion Chart for SOLIDWORKS Electrical

* - Color 7 is unique because when used for lines and text it will switch between black and white automatically based on the background color.

The rest of the colors are not labeled with ‘names’ but are available for use in SOLIDWORKS Electrical. Below is an image that shows the colors and their nearby numbers.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Color Palette

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