SOLIDWORKS Data Card: Add Logo or Image

Article by Derrick Franklin on Nov 24, 2017

This article is a guide to walk you through how to add a logo or image to your SOLIDWORKS PDM data card. This is useful, for example, when adding images of products that you use or showing a company logo on the data card. 

How to Add a Logo or Image to SOLIDWORKS PDM Data Cards

  1. Open the data card in the Data Card Editor.
  2. Click on the Icon control.

    SOLIDWORKS PDM Data Card Icon Control

  3. Click on the data card to place the image box where you want the logo to appear.

    Place Image in SOLIDWORKS PDM Data Card

  4. Click Browse to search for the image that you would like to use. Click Open.

    Add New Image to SOLIDWORKS PDM Data Card

  5. The image will now appear on the data card. You can move it to relocate the image if you would like. However, you cannot resize the image in the data card editor. This needs to be done outside of SOLIDWORKS PDM, and then you could reload the updated image into SOLIDWORKS PDM.

    Add Image to Data Card in SOLIDWORKS PDM

  6. Click Save and exit the card editor.

    SOLIDWORKS PDM Card Editor with Customized Image

That concludes how to add an image or logo to your SOLIDWORKS PDM data card. Learn more about SOLIDWORKS PDM below.

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