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SOLIDWORKS 2022:  Assemblies

Large Design Review mode offers users an easy way to quickly open and modify large assemblies. With SOLIDWORKS 2022, users can open drawings in Detailing Mode directly from Large Design Review. This new functionality gives you the opportunity to open and edit your drawing quickly and easily. Also new for SOLIDWORKS 2022, sub-assemblies opened from a top-level assembly in Large Design Review mode can remain in the same mode until you decide to set the sub assembly to fully resolved.

Easily locate and position your parts in assemblies with ease using the new option to Move Component with Triad. The Pattern Driven Component Pattern is even more versatile.  Now, the seed component can be placed anywhere in the pattern, no longer required to be in the pattern seed location. 

SOLIDWORKS 2022:  Drawings

SOLIDWORKS completely revamped the GD&T utility for 2022, adding control frames.  The new utility is Intuitive and walks you through the process of creating GD&T symbols.  Detailing mode now adds hole tables, standard views from view palate and easily print to pdf.  Also new for SOLIDWORKS 2022, Detailing Mode can now open any SOLIDWORKS drawing saved in a previous version of SOLIDWORKS.  Easily open old drawings without the fear of lost file references to view your drawing.

Easily change radius and diameter dimensions with the new In-context menu. for diameter and radius dimensions, new diameter dimension (symmetric linear diameter dimension)

Multibody weldment parts can now be inserted in a detailed cut list and in the assembly bill of materials.


SOLIDWORKS 2022:  Graphics

SOLIDWORKS 2022 now automatically resolves lightweight components that have had graphical or appearance changes regardless if any features have changed since the components were last saved. This ensures that your components will always appear correctly.

With SOLIDWORKS 2022, you can use these highly detailed textures in more places without sacrificing performance due to increased performance and responsiveness. 

Additionally, SOLIDWORKS 2022 offers texture based cosmetic threads. These new cosmetic threads make it much clearer to understand which components have threads on them.  The new cosmetic threads are especially useful in the new Stud Feature. Under the hood, SOLIDWORKS 2022 has increased the framerate when rotating parts and assemblies with silhouette edges by over 10%, which will save you time as you pan, zoom and rotate.

SOLIDWORKS 2022:  Parts and Features

SOLIDWORKS 2022 adds even more functionality into the already versatile Structure Systems utility.  New for SOLIDWORKS 2022, users can easily add secondary members using sketch points and the ends of the new members can be easily trimmed with the same corner treatment options found in traditional Weldments.  Gussets and clips can now be added to Structure Systems with SOLIDWORKS 2022.

Bi-directional mirroring will allow you to easily create symmetrical copies of bodies in one feature.

Also exciting for SOLIDWORKS 2022 is the ability to work with imported mesh bodies.  Easily add features such as cuts and chamfers without having to rebuild the imported body into SOLIDWORKS features.  Drafts can also be applied to parts in two directions with the new bi-directional draft option, giving you even more control with your models.


SOLIDWORKS 2022:  Routing

Add Connection points (CPoints) with ease, without having to open the Electrical Routing Library Manager.  Now with SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2022, you will spend less time creating parts and more time designing.  Adding backshells to connectors removes stress between the contacts and wires.  Now SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2022 supports backshells in your routes, making your harness even easier to design in 3D. The new functionality of added backshells to your SOLIDWORKS Electrical harness can also easily be transferred to your flattened harness drawing and table with the Flatten Route command.  The backshells and details are included with the flattened two-dimensional drawing.  

SOLIDWORKS 2022:  Import

Large Design Review mode offers users an easy way to quickly open and modify large assemblies. With SOLIDWORKS 2022, users can open drawings in Detailing Mode directly from Large Design Review. This new functionality gives you the opportunity to open and edit your drawing quickly and easily. Also new for SOLIDWORKS 2022, sub-assemblies opened from a top-level assembly in Large Design Review mode can remain in the same mode until you decide to set the sub assembly to fully resolved.

Easily locate and position your parts in assemblies with ease using the new option to Move Component with Triad. The Pattern Driven Component Pattern is even more versatile.  Now, the seed component can be placed anywhere in the pattern, no longer required to be in the pattern seed location. 


SOLIDWORKS 2022:  User Experience

Introducing a new keyboard shortcut for SOLIDWORKS 2022. The Q key now activates visibility of your reference planes, making selecting your reference geometry a breeze.  New Enhancements the Shortcut Toolbar (aka the S key) include the option to Search for Commands directly in the toolbar and a new option to add those commands directly to your toolbar for future use.

If your organization uses a common origin in your models for ease of assembly, SOLIDWORKS 2022 includes a new enhancement for creating Coordinate Systems.  New for SOLIDWORKS 2022, Coordinate Systems can now be located with numeric inputs, making creating these origin points for your models even easier.

Improvements to the System Options for SOLIDWORKS 2022 include message bubbles to system options for more insight into the settings and improvements to the Dismissed Messages which now give display a preview of the full dismissed message, which was truncated in previous releases.


SOLIDWORKS 2022:  Simulation

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2022 now solves bonded contacts over 25% faster than SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2021, improving performance and accuracy of your simulations.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2022 includes a new connector, a linkage rod connector. This is a new virtual connector that accepts either cylindrical faces or vertices to represent the rod ends. Available options to the end-conditions are fully rigid, pivotal, and even spherical.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 now defaults to the powerful Blended Curvature Based mesher. This option now accepts mesh control values outside of the maximum and minimum global size range. Doing so, means you can refine or coarsen the mesh in any region without limitations.

SOLIDWORKS 2022:  Flow Simulation

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2022 offers some exciting new plots and the ability analyze results across different projects.  Run a transient analysis while switching between different power settings to collect valuable information about how components will cool down and heat up based on external temperatures. New for SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2022, the transient explorer can now display the Flux Plot in your studies.  This new feature gives you in-depth numerical results on how power is moving through your system.

If you have several steady-state studies in your model, the results can be merged in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2022 to collect and compare the results to show overall Maximum and Minimum values in one combined plot.  The new Difference Plot option creates a plot based on the differences from one project to a reference project.  Also, a new Compare Plot option delivers insight into the effects of the different power modes in the studies.     

The Scene Plot has also been updated for SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2022 to create a perfect scene while retaining the display settings for a perfect view every time. All of these new options for SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2022 give you more control over you results and provide expanded flexibility to review results.


SOLIDWORKS 2022:  Plastics

SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2022 has exciting new features and enhancements to solve your complex models with ease. With an increased number of material models and over fifteen hundred updated materials, your SOLIDWORKS Plastics studies will show improved Fill, Pack, and Warp accuracy.

Additionally, the new injection location advisor gives immediate feedback on where to place the injection point and automatically solves for the optimum pull direction based on your geometry. As well as the new symmetry boundary condition will create a virtual opposite-handed cavity in one step.

The new cyclic boundary condition allows you to create additional virtual cavities in a circular pattern. SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2022 combines additional functionality, simpler pre-processing and powerful automation to get accurate plastic injection simulation results faster.


SOLIDWORKS 2022:  Composer

SOLIDWORKS Composer is an ideal tool for creating technical publications and work instructions. SOLIDWORKS Composer 2022 has added some highly requested new enhancements to help users create content.

New for SOLIDWORKS Composer 2022 is the ability to import decals that were applied to the SOLIDWORKS native part and assembly file. Engineers and Designers can create and apply the decals where needed knowing the Technical Writer can import the data easily, making their job easier, creating output graphics instead of needing to add extra details.

A benefit of SOLIDWORKS Composer is that it is CAD-agnostic as it does not matter what file format your imported files come from. SOLIDWORKS Composer 2022 adds to the list of available file format versions to import: ACIS up to version R2021 1.0, PTC Creo 1.0 to 7.0 and SOLIDWORKS 2006-2022.

SOLIDWORKS 2022:  Inspection

SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2022 Standalone now offers even more filetypes that can be imported for new projects.  Easily select Inspection Characteristics from SOLIDWORKS Drawings, Parts, and Assemblies all from the SOLIDWORKS Inspection Standalone application.

Also new for the SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2022 add-in is the highly requested enhancement of full API support. Giving you the opportunity to fully automate the generation of first article and in-process inspection reports.


SOLIDWORKS 2022:  Visualize

Use SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2022 to bring your concepts to life with renderings and animations. Now SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2022 will make it even easier to generate your professional level outputs.

The new Match Camera utility allows you to use two-point perspectives to align your model to match your imported environments. The Match Camera utility will build additional photo-realism seamlessly into your project, integrating the 2D image and 3D model.

The new Wall primitive and Shadow Catcher utility in SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2022 allow you to correct how shadows appear in your rendering, giving you the exact level of detail needed.

Patterns can easily be created from a single instance. With the new Scatter Feature, you can randomize your pattern simply in one step. Easily group animations into folders to easily manage your timelines for Visualize 2022. The animation ribbons can also be color coded, making it easy to find and reposition these keyframes into the perfect place.

The Output Viewer has been updated for SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2022, which will help keep your projects even more organized. Render settings can be reviewed, and projects can be canceled or re-rendered as needed. Best of all, project outputs are referenced and final deliverables can be opened.


SOLIDWORKS 2022:  Electrical

New integration with ECP and Taskpane for instant updated items while using. New electrical components come online and Engineers need to use them. Instead of creating them, you can search and download them using the Electrical Content Portal or ECP for SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic.

You can still use a Web Browser but new is the ability to run the Electrical Content Portal directly in the Task Pane of SOLIDWORKS 2022 Electrical.

Productivity enhancements like running the Electrical Content Portal in SOLIDWORKS 2022 Electrical gives you the flexibility to choose the most effective way you want to work.


SOLIDWORKS 2022:  Administration

New Installation types, PDM Vault Options and Electrical Client Options in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022.

Create tailor made installation packages with the new enhancements to the Administrative Image creator for SOLIDWORKS 2022. The exciting new enhancements will make deployments more powerful, flexible, and organized.

Exciting for SOLIDWORKS 2022 are the two new options for deploying Administrative Images: Remote Client and Compressed.

The Remote Client Administrative Image type was created specifically for remote users; it automatically downloads the bulk of the installation files from SOLIDWORKS' servers instead of your company VPN.

The Compressed Administrative Image contains all of the same components of the standard image but in a reduced size which allows for easier sharing.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 allows you to create multiple nested groups to reflect your corporate hierarchy. Easily configure administrative images depending on what licenses your users need. Now you can create subgroups that will inherit the settings of parent groups, which will make editing the Administrative Image simple and make deployments faster.

SOLIDWORKS 2022:  Manage

SOLIDWORKS Manage 2022 includes several exciting new enhancements.

Now with SOLIDWORKS Manage 2022, easily share Bills of Materials via a web page link or email message. Interact with SOLIDWORKS Manage within your favorite Microsoft Office apps (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). There will be no need to leave your Microsoft Office apps when you’re working with documents and files from your SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault. New for SOLIDWORKS Manage 2022 is a new innovative way to access and share your designs. Easily create HTML formatted notifications for your Project and Process Task Notifications.

Add a bill of material table from a files’ linked record, directly into a SOLIDWORKS drawing using SOLIDWORKS Manage 2022. The option allows you to use Bill of Material variants and templates defined in the linked record object.



SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022 introduces powerful new capabilities to keep your designs on time and on budget while keeping your design teams organized and informed.

Hover your mouse over the new login profile picture, you can gain quick access to the presence note, updating your day’s activity. Hover of your colleague’s profile to check on their status as well.

Easily switch from a bitmap preview and eDrawings preview in your vault view with a new dedicated button. Also new for SOLIDWORKS PDM 2022 is the full eDrawings desktop UI embedded in your vault view.

New for PDM 2022 is the ability to incorporate your licensed EXALEAD OnePart environment into PDM Professional. OnePart not only presents you with the results, but also highlights parts that share a 3D similarity.

No design is complete without ensuring the drawings are updated. New for PDM 2022 is the ability to use the Open Drawing command, regardless of what the drawing is named OR where it's located in the vault, which is found simply from the right-click mouse menu.

New for 2022 is the ability to block the transition of drawings that are saved in detailing mode. In addition to the transition block, a new system variable has been added for drawings saved in detailing mode. This new variable can be utilized in places like data cards, to provide enhanced visibility to the state a drawing is in.

The Web2 client found in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional now can fully preview these formats in the browser: STEP, IGES, Parasolid, STL, JT, & ACIS. Also new for Web2 is the ability to customize the data card in the administration tool and through a dedicated web card editor.


3D EXPERIENCE 2022:  Data Management

New 3DEXPERIENCE Data Managment features are built to serve you. Whether you work in a large organization or just a small team, no doubt you’re concerned with storing, managing, and collaborating on your design data. This can be tricky for SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies and drawings and other supporting documents because they are all linked/referenced to each other.

If SOLIDWORKS PDM and Manage aren’t the perfect fit for you, consider connecting SOLIDWORKS to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. With the platform, cloud data management is just a few clicks away. Since the Data Management is in the cloud, hardware resources aren’t a concern. No file server or archive server to set up or configure and manage. And since the tool is combined with the familiar SOLIDWORKS design environment, your changes and design can be done concurrently. 

3D EXPERIENCE 2022:  Sculptor

The 3DEXPERIENCE Sculptor platform role utilizes the xShape sub-d (sub-divisional) modeling capability to easily create complex shapes. This is done with loops and vertices to control the contours of your shape. Think of 3DEXPERIENCE Sculptor and xShape as ‘virtual clay’.

The new quick align tool is a powerful tool when it comes to adding contours to your shape. Draw your sketch and watch as the entire shape maps your topology. Planes can also be used to create symmetry in your model.

Now available for xShape is the familiar Convert Entities tool to easily reference model edges and quickly create intricate features.


3D EXPERIENCE 2022:  Simulation

When you test your products virtually or in the real world, naturally you're exploring numerous design options, evaluating how long they will last and finding out when and where ultimate failure may occur.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides a collection of best-in-class 3DEXPERIENCE Simulation apps built with industry leading technology including ABAQUS, and connects seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS.

By using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to explore numerous design options, evaluate durability and understand critical loading events, you can make informed, timely decisions to help fulfill your safety and certification requirements.



New with SOLIDWORKS CAM 2022, the ability to easily apply color settings for Toolpath End Points under the Display Tab of SOLIDWORKS CAM Options which is available for both SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard and SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional.

Assign a color to display Toolpath Hidden Moves in the graphics area from the Display tab under SOLIDWORKS CAM Options.

You can manage multiple technology databases (TechDB) in the Manage Database tab. In Settings, inside the SOLIDWORK CAM 2022 Technology Database, there is a new Manage Databases tab which use to be named Link Database tab. This new tab lets you specify multiple technology database source files.

Easily select nonplanar surfaces in the direction of the Z axis for probe cycles with the Z Probe Cycle in the Probe tab. And special for SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional 2022, you can now program a turned part in an assembly for a 2-axis lathe.


In this step-by-step video, you'll see all the great new features and tools of SOLIDWORKS 2022.  New enhancements and features that will help you work Smarter, Faster and Together. These new features and enhancements will improve your everyday workflows in design, communication, data management, and validation.  SOLIDWORKS 2022 will help you spend less time working on large assemblies and importing files from other CAD programs.  Easily create spectacular photo renderings with the new enhancements and features in SOLIDWORKS Visualize.  New options for Flow Simulation allow you to easily compare results across different projects.

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