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Article by Gary Ballentine on Jan 04, 2021

By default, SOLIDWORKS creates two configurations of any weldment part. It names these configurations “As Welded” and “As Machined,” with “As Welded” being a derived configuration. The reason behind this is simple: so you can model the part before and after the machining process!  

 solidworks weldment configurations

What These Configurations Do 

 If these two configurations appear identical, it’s because they are! To make use of them you will need to edit them individually. 

The “As Welded” configuration, which is meant to be the more simple configuration with fewer features, appears exactly as you model it. This means that if you want it to show weld beads, then you need to add weld beads. 

 weldment configuration as welded

The “As Machined” configuration is meant to have machined features such as holes that would be drilled after welding, but it doesn’t have to. You can modify it as necessary to suit your needs. 

 weldment configuration as welded

Changing the Default Configuration Settings 

You can rename the configurations in the configuration manager as you would any other configuration. Just right-click the configuration name, select Properties, and edit the configuration name and description. While you are in here, you can also specify custom properties as well as the part number that appears in the bill of materials. 

 weldment configurations default

Turning Off “As Welded” and “As Machined Configurations 

Decided you do not want any additional configurations? No problem! You can turn this feature off under Tools > Options > Document Properties > Weldments. Just uncheck the box for “Create Derived Configurations under Weldment Options. 

Tip: You can also turn off automatic descriptions for these configurations by unchecking the box for “Assign configuration Description strings.” 

 weldment configuration description strings

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