Update SOLIDWORKS PDM Dispatch Add-In & Backup Scripts

Article by GoEngineer on Oct 29, 2020

During the SOLIDWORKS PDM vault upgrade to a new service pack or version, the existing add-ins do not automatically update to the latest version. Consequently, this needs to be done manually. The following article discusses how to upgrade the Dispatch Add-in as well as explain how to export a Dispatch action script in SOLIDWORKS PDM.

How to Update the Dispatch Add-in

It is recommended to match the same major version and service pack for the dispatch add-in with the current major version and service pack version of SOLIDWORKS PDM.

After the vault upgrade, do as follows:

Open the Administration Tool and select the Add-ins node. Double-click to open the subnodes and select Dispatch. Right-click it and select Remove.

How to Update SOLIDWORKS PDM Dispatch Add-In

In the Administration tool, select File and then Open.

Dispatch add-in for SOLIDWORKS PDM

Browse to the location: C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SOLIDWORKS PDM\Default Data and change the filter to show .caf files and open Dispatch.caf.


Drag and drop Dispatch add-in into the Add-ins node for the vault.

Adding Dispatch add-in to add-in node SOLIDWORKS PDM

Close the administration vault and restart the client machine. The updated add-ins will be distributed automatically to the other clients when they log in.

How to Export the Dispatch Script

Removing an old Dispatch add-in as part of the update process (as explained above) does not remove existing scripts; therefore, exporting the action scripts before updating the Dispatch add-in is not needed because they are saved independently as .acn files. However, it is important to create backups of the scripts as well.

To export a Dispatch action script:

In the vault view, open the administrative actions dialog window by selecting Tools>Administrative Actions.

Exporting Dispatch Script in SOLIDWORKS PDM

In the Installed actions list, select the action script to be exported and click Save.

Exporting Dispatch script in SOLIDWORKS PDM

Browse to the desired location and save the exported script.

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