What's New SOLIDWORKS 2022: Assemblies & Drawings

Article by GoEngineer on Sep 20, 2021

SOLIDWORKS 2022 features many new user-driven enhancements to accelerate the product development process. In this software sneak peek, we look at what's new in SOLIDWORKS 2022 Assemblies and Drawings. To see everything that’s new, view our SOLIDWORKS 2022 page.


SOLIDWORKS 2022 offers some great updates when working with Assemblies. One of those updates is for Large Design Review, which has been improved to open Large Assemblies in record time. Right-clicking on an assembly from the Design Tree now provides an option to Open Drawing in Detailing Mode. 

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Open Drawing in Detailing Mode

Detailing Mode has also been improved to open faster and is the recommended method when working with complex drawings. 

In addition, the right mouse button menu has been enhanced with options to open your files in Large Design Review as either Lightweight or Resolved; providing easier workflows to open your files how you want.  

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Large Design Review

In previous versions, alignment and lock rotation options were available for mates after they were applied to geometry. In SOLIDWORKS 2022, this has been enhanced to provide the controls on the Quick Mates toolbar enabling more accurate placement of components.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Quick Mates Toolbar

The Pattern Driven Component Pattern feature now recognizes the selected components location as the Seed in determining the remaining instances. Even if the location changes, the pattern will update appropriately. 

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Pattern Driven Component Pattern


In SOLIDWORKS 2022 users can now add hole tables in Detailing Mode as well as standard views from the View Pallet.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Hole Table in Detailing Mode

Also supported in Detailing Mode is fully detailed print to PDF.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Fully Detailed Print to PDF

SOLIDWORKS 2022 users can open older Drawings in Detailing Mode without having to save them in the new version. This is key because drawings can be opened from virtually any version of SOLIDWORKS without the need for the referenced 3D parts or assembly files.

There are new in-context menus for diameter and radial symbols as well as a brand new dimension type for dimensioning diameters.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 New Dimension Types

There is also a new interface for GD&T, offering more options, better results, and a streamlined workflow plus much-needed support for weldments in the form of detailed Cut Lists in the Bill of Materials.  

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Cut Lists in Bill of Materials

We hope you enjoyed this sneak peek! There’s a lot more what’s new content to come. Stay up to date by subscribing and following us on social. 


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