What's New SOLIDWORKS 2022: Routing, Structure Systems, Parts & Features

Article by GoEngineer on Sep 28, 2021

SOLIDWORKS 2022 is loaded with exciting new features and enhancements to help streamline your design process. In this sneak peek, check out what's new for routing, structure systems, parts and features. To see everything new in SOLIDWORKS 2022, view our what's new page here


SOLIDWORKS 2022 offers some great new enhancements to Routing - from UI to long-requested features. 

With the updates to SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2022, designers can now use the Create CPoint with manufacturer part to select edges and points and updating tables of CPoints; creating electrical components right within the SOLIDWORKS program. 

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Routing Create CPoint with manufacturer part

Backshells are now supported in SOLIDWORKS 2022 to provide better protection for your wire harness. Within the Design Library, various backshell options are available to be added to your assembly and can be included in your harness route alignment.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Routing Backshells

With the addition of backshell support, Flatten Route also supports backshells in SOLIDWORKS 2022. This command creates the drawing, tables, backshells, and more automatically so that the designer can focus on other areas. 

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Routing Flatten Route

Structure Systems

SOLIDWORKS 2022 introduces new enhancements to the Structure System functionality - tools designed to boost your time to market and simplify your process.

Secondary Members have been enhanced to improve the process of adding new members. One method for adding structural supports is to use the Point-Member selection. 

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Structure Systems Point-Member Pair

With SOLIDWORKS 2022, creating multiple Secondary Members is fast, by selecting a point and multiple bodies. 

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Structure Systems Secondary Members

A new feature in 2022, is the ability to add and define Connection Elements like Base Plates and L brackets. Placement is simple and elements are smart; able to cut predefined holes in structural members.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Structure Systems Connection Elements

End caps and gussets are also supported and are just as easy to place in your design. 

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Structure Systems End Caps and Gussets

Mirroring features and components is a typical workflow in many designs. In SOLIDWORKS 2022, designers have the ability to select two reference planes to mirror, simplifying the design process and the number of features previously required.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Structure Systems Reference Planes

With these new enhancements to SOLIDWORKS 2022 structure systems creating confident structures is a piece of cake. 

Parts and Features

Working with Mesh Bodies in SOLIDWORKS 2022 is just like working with SOLIDWORKS native geometry.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Mesh Bodies

Using convenient hybrid modeling, users can create Chamfers, Extrusions, Cuts, and Reference Geometry just like you would on native files. 

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Parts and Features

Creating bi-directional draft has always been a multi-step process. In SOLIDWORKS 2022, when using the Parting line options, it’s now possible to create bi-directional draft within a single feature.  

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Parting Line Feature

Also new are enhancements to Section View options. Users can specify a section view by using the cylindrical geometry to get greater control over what our views should look like.  

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Section View Options

When creating external threads, these can produce incredibly complex geometry and in SOLIDWORKS 2022, there is a new Stud Wizard feature that provides a list of standard thread sizes and pitches for use on our part.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Stud Wizard

In addition, we have the option to create an UnderCut with full control over feature parameters. 

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Undercut

We hope you enjoyed this sneak peek!


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