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SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium includes everything in SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional plus advanced simulation functionality that allows CAE analysts and mold designers to analyze mold cooling line layouts and predict molded part warpage. Users can design and analyze simple or complex mold cooling line layouts, optimize cooling system design to minimize cycle times and decrease manufacturing costs and optimize part and mold design, material selection and processing parameters to reduce or eliminate molded part warpage.

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The ultimate plastic flow simulation testing software available.  SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium Includes all the Tools of SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard and Professional but with the addition of advanced features for optimizing your Mold Cavity design. 

Runner Domain Category
Can assign the modeled runner system domain to allow for easy selection for runner condition settings.

Sink Mark Profiles
Displays the location and depth of sink marks on the molded part.

Mold Temperature at Cooling End
Shows the temperature scale on the mold base of the end of the cooling cycle.

Displacement Due to Residual Stress
Shows the part shrinkage / warpage displacement at due to in-mold residual stresses.

Conformal Cooling Channels
The cooling channel follows the shape or profile of the mold core or cavity to perform uniform cooling process.

Cooling Lines available in SOLIDWORKS Premium at

Cooling Lines
Analyzes the effect of cooling channel layout, diameters, temperature, and flow rate.

Baffles and Bubblers
Additional cooling channel components used to direct cooling fluid flow closer to the part cavity.

Design Data Reuse
Materials Database
Parallel Computing (Multi-core)
Filling Phase (1st Stage Injection)
Automatic Gate Location(s)
Instantaneous Fill Time Plot
Sink Mark Analysis
eDrawings Support
Fill Time
Ease of Fill
Symmetry Analysis
Packing Phase (2nd Stage Injection)
Runner Balancing
Runner Design Wizard
Sprues and Runners
Hot and Cold Runners
Multi-cavity Molds

Results Adviser
Nominal Wall Thickness Adviser
Pressure at End of Fill
Flow Front Temperature
Temperature at End of Fill
Shear Rate
Cooling Time
Weld Lines
Air Traps
Sink Marks
Frozen Layer Fraction at End of Fill
Clamp Force
Cycle Time
Family Molds
Mold Inserts
Volumetric Shrinkage
Density at End of Pack
Export with Mechanical Properties ABAQUS®, ANSYS, DigiMat®

Other SOLIDWORKS Plastics Packages

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard Pricing available at GoEngineer.comSOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard is the premier mold cavity testing software for part designers.  It contains analysis tools that allow plastic part design to validate and optimize part designs for the injection molding process. This is a great tool for the plastic part designer to use to detect potential molding defects before manufacturing begins.

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional Pricing available at GoEngineer.comSOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional is the next step up in Mold Cavity Injection Testing.  Developed to assist mold designers and mold builders to optimize the mold design that will result in a consistent processing window. Includes additional tools such as multi-cavity design and runner systems to prevent costly rework by minimizing tooling adjustments.

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