Easy-to-use high-frequency electromagnetic simulation on the cloud

CST Studio Suite in the Cloud

3DEXPERIENCE ELECTROMAGNETICS brings high- and low-frequency electromagnetic simulation to the cloud. This 3DEXPERIENCE-integrated packaging of CST Studio Suite connects the entire value chain, from design to manufacturing to management, to powerful electromagnetic simulation, cutting down on the costs of R&D by shortening the iteration cycle, identifying and addressing design flaws early in development, and bringing parts to market faster.

3DEXPERIENCE ELECTROMAGNETICS provides fast, accurate, accessible electromagnetic simulation for engineers, designers, and researchers working in many fields, including microwaves, RF & optical, EDA & electronics, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), particle dynamics, statics, and low frequencies.

“We chose a 3D EXPERIENCE Works Simulation solution because it’s cloud-based, which supports our remotely located engineering organization, works seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS design data, and incorporates the Abaqus Explicit solver, which is best suited for the types of simulation studies that we need to conduct on our parts, which can involve hyperelasticity, creep, fatigue, and contact.”

– Thomas Morgan
Design Engineer

Morgan Polymer Seals quote about GoEngineer and the 3DEXPERIENCE SImulia tools


3DEXPERIENCE Electromagnetics Cell Phone Analysis


CST Studio Suite's huge solver array and co-simulation capabilities are arranged into studios serving a wide variety of applications:

  • CST MICROWAVE STUDIO: 3D EM simulation of high frequencies
  • CST EM STUDIO: 3D EM simulation for statics and low frequencies
  • CST PARTICLE STUDIO: Interaction of EM fields with free moving charges
  • CST CABLE STUDIO: Signal integrity and EMC/EMI analysis of cable harnesses
  • CST PCB STUDIO: Signal and power integrity and EMC/EMI analysis of PCBs
  • CST BOARDCHECK: Signal integrity and rule-checking of PCB layouts
  • CST MPHYSICS STUDIO: Thermal and mechanical effects of EM fields
  • CST DESIGN STUDIO: Circuit simulator, coupling of 3D models, system assembly modeling

3DEXPERIENCE Electromagnetics Body Materials

Materials & Models

  • EM simulations apply to many substances, including magnetics, photonics, and biological physics, which each display unique characteristics.
  • CST Studio Suite includes the material models necessary to simulate a wide range of electromagnetic phenomenon, including plasmonic and photonic effects, ferromagnetism, secondary electron emission, and biological heating.
  • An accurate model of the human body is critical to many EM fields, especially in healthcare and life sciences; therefore, CST Studio Suite includes both voxel-based and CAD-based body models with detailed internal structure and realistic EM and thermal properties.

3DEXPERIENCE Electromagnetics Meshing UI


  • The fast, accurate meshing provided by CST Studio Suite offers mesh refinement and automatic adaption to increase mesh quality in key parts of the model.
  • Proprietary Perfect Boundary Approximation models even the most complex CAD data, even for models with billions of mesh cells.

3DEXPERIENCE CST Cable Studio Modeling

Design & Design Synthesis

  • Users can construct and edit simulation models using CST Studio Suite’s powerful parametric CAD interface. It supports all major CAD and Electronic Design Automation (EDA) options and then some.
  • SOLIDWORKS users can enjoy a direct two-way link in their CAD operations. Whatever your software choices, you can expect a smooth transition between workspaces.
  • CST Studio Suite also provides an array of synthesis tools to automatically build models of potential designs for planar and cavity filters, antennae, antenna arrays, and waveguides

3DEXPERIENCE CST Particle Tracking Solver

Cloud Workflows

CST Studio Suite scales to the highest-end workstation CPUs, GPUs, and distributing computing setups. With no additional licensing, you may also solve on up to 16 cores of your local CPU.

CST Studio Suite in its 3D EXPERIENCE ELECTROMAGNETICS packaging includes in-browser pre-/post-processing and access to 16-core cloud solves for your simulations. For an additional purchase, access up to 288-core + 4 GPU solves.


CST Studio Suite 2023 Buying Guide


CST Studio Suite 2023 Buying Guide

What you Need to Know Before You Buy


CST Studio Suite is high-performance design & simulation software for electromagnetics. What are its key strengths, features, packages, and hardware requirements?

This guide provides answers.






CST Studio Suite 2023 Buying Guide

Key Features, Industry Applications, Packages, Hardware & more



CST Studio Suite Feature Matrix

Time Domain
The transient solver’s finite integration technique (FIT) calculates broadband S-parameters from one single calculation by applying DFTs to time signals. The transmission line method (TLM) is also available.

Frequency Domain
A classical approach to solving Maxwell’s equations with time-harmonic dependence using the finite element method (FEM) and adaptive tetrahedral meshing with multiple broadband sweep solutions.

Calculate the frequencies and corresponding electromagnetic field patterns when no excitation is applied.

Integral Equation
Discretize the object boundary using the multilevel fast multipole method (MLFMM) for electrically large models.

Frequency domain analysis based on a raytracing technique, typically used for scattering or antenna placement for electrically very large domains.

Simulate multilayer geometries accurately and efficiently using the method of moments (MoM).

Time Domain
Evaluate transient behavior, including eddy currents, non-linear effects, motion, and resistive-capacitive effects, useful for electric motor design.

Frequency Domain
Simulate the time-harmonic behavior in low-frequency systems, useful for coils, wireless power transfer, and electric motor design.

Partial RLC
Calculate equivalent circuit parameters in the frequency domain, including partial inductances, partial resistances, and partial capacitances.

Simulate static electric fields.

Simulate static magnetic fields.

Stationary Current
Simulate the flow of DC currents through a device, especially with lossy components.

Steady State Thermal
Calculate the stationary temperature distribution of a system, supporting many heat sources, including human bio-heat and particle collisions.

Transient Thermal
Calculate how a system heats over time, including human bio-heat and particle collisions.

Conjugate Heat Transfer
Calculate the heating of a device with thermal and fluid dynamics simulation methods.

Calculate the displacement and deformation of structures using linear or nonlinear methods.

Calculate both particle trajectory and electromagnetic fields in the time domain, taking into account the space charge effects and mutual coupling between the two.

Particle Tracking
Simulate particle trajectories through electromagnetic fields.

Calculate the fields around a particle beam and the wakefields produced through interactions with discontinuities.

PCBs & Packages
Calculate signal integrity (SI), power integrity (PI), and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) analysis on printed circuit boards (PCB).

Cable Suite
Calculate, in 3D, signal integrity (SI), conducted emission (CE), radiated emission (RE), and electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS) of complex cable structures in electrically large systems.

Design systems and circuits with this powerful and easy-to-use schematic design tool.

Integrate complex structures for synthesis and optimization with this layout tool.

Design Study & Optimization
Do parametric design and optimization studies with fully-integrated optimization tools built into every design module.

A user-friendly tool for the generation of macromodels of linear lumped multi-port structures (via fields, connectors, packages, discontinuities, etc.), known from their input-output port responses.

Antenna Magus
An invaluable aid to antenna design engineers and to anyone who requires antenna models for antenna placement and/or electromagnetic interference studies.

Filter Designer 3D
A synthesis tool for designing bandpass and diplexer filters, where a range of coupling matrix topologies are produced for the application in arbitrary coupled-resonator based technology.


Microwave filter design tool that extracts the modal chart of complex waveguides with arbitrary cross-section, with high accuracy at low computational cost.

Multipactor and corona analysis tool that analyzes breakdown phenomena numerically, predicting more realistic breakdown power levels, and thus improving the design margins.

Cloud Preprocessor
Launch CST Studio Suite in a web-browser and build your model from product data saved on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

Cloud Compute
Send models to the official Dassault Systèmes to compute on up to 288 cores or 48 cores + 8 GPUs.

16-core access included
(Add-on for more)

Web-Based Results Viewer & Reporting
See geometry, 1D results, farfield plots, and 3D field plots from a web browser.

SOLIDWORKS (2013 - 2023)

PTC Creo Elements (5.0)

PTC Creo Parametric (3.0)

Altium Designer


Cadence Allegro


ACIS SAT/SAB (R1 - 2020 1.0)

CATIA V5/V6 (V5R8 - V5-6R2021)

CATIA V4 (4.1.9 - 4.2.4)

SOLIDWORKS (2003 - 2023)

Solid Edge (V18 - SE2020)

Parasolid (9.0.x - 33.0.x)

Autodesk Inventor (V11 - 2021)

Siemens NX (NX 1 - NX 1926)

PTC Creo (16 - Creo 7.0)

STEP (203, 214, 242)

IGES (up to 5.3)



Gerber Single-Layer

Gerber Multi-Layer


Cadence Allegro PCB / APD / SiP


Mentor Graphics Expedition


Mentor Graphics HyperLynx


Mentor Graphics PADs






Chip Interface
A tool to accelerate the generation of complex 3D chip models, starting from the 2D chip layouts imported from OpenAccess databases (lib.defs, cds.lib) and GDSII files. The Process Queue allows the user to mimic an actual fabrication process which results in the generation of a 3D model.


Training and Support
Get up to speed fast using online training content, a vibrant community and support from GoEngineer.



  • 3DEXPERIENCE Electromagnetics PostProcessing UI


      Electromagnetics Engineer

  • PLM- and cloud-integrated electromagnetic simulation on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.
  • Key Features:
    - 25+ electromagnetic solvers
    - Application-specific (microwave, PCB, cables, and more) modules
    - Easy-to-use preprocessing tools
    - Powerful postprocessing, including scripting capabilities
    - Two-way CAD integration
    - Run entire workflow in-browser with remote client
    - Includes 16-core cloud compute (access more with additional purchase)
  • Typically used by:
    Antenna and PCB designers who need shorter dev cycles


CAD Connector

  • Work with native CAD data in your PLM system.
  • Minimize FEM rework after CAD iterations.
  • For SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, Inventor, Creo, Allegro, Cadence, and more.

Compute Tokens

  • Traditional compute licensing -- great for consistent utilization.
    • Solve time: Unlimited
    • CPU usage: Token-limited core count
    • GPU usage: Token-limited
  • User can have both tokens and credits.

Compute Credits

  • Flexible compute licensing -- great for burst and/or parallel utilization.
    • Solve time: Credit-limited
    • CPU usage: Unlimited cores on local, 16-288 cores on cloud
    • GPU usage: Unlimited on local, 0-4 on cloud
  • Affordable access to high CPU core counts.
  • User can have both tokens and credits.

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