Advanced FEA & CFD for Better Product Engineering

Design Better Products with CAE Experts

Bringing a competitive new product to market is hard. Engineers have to create something the world has never seen before, and they have to be absolutely sure that it will work 100% of the time.

That’s a scary proposition.

How do you effectively manage this risk? Failure to do so will have serious consequences: production delays, lost contracts, failure in the field, expensive recalls, reputational damage; the list goes on.

We refer to simulation by many different names — CAE, FEA, CFD, numerical analysis, virtual testing, or prototyping — but it all means one thing: better engineering decision-making through computer prediction.

Static Analysis
  • Linear & Non-Linear
  • Stress / Strain / Deformation
  • Buckling
  • Contact / Sealing
  • Material Fracture & Hyperelasticity
Explicit Analysis
  • Quasi-Static
  • Impact / Drop
  • Crash (Including Full-Vehicle)
  • Ballistic / Mechanical Shock
Fluid Dynamics
  • RANS & Lattice-Boltzman Methods
  • Compressible / Incompressible Flows
  • Multiphase & Non-Newtonian Flows
  • Moving Frame of Reference
  • Aerodynamics, Drag & Lift
  • Aeroacoustics

Fatigue analysis services can save you from costly and unanticipated field failures

Fatigue & Durability
  • Life Cycle Prediction
  • Damage
  • Safety Factors
  • Base Material, Weld or Spot Joint Fatigue

  • Modal (Normal Modes – Eigenvalue Extraction)
  • Random Vibration
  • Frequency Response
  • Steady State Dynamics
  • Acoustics

Trust experienced FEA consultants to handle complicated thermal analysis methodologies

Thermal Analysis
  • Steady State & Transient
  • Coupled Thermal / Stress Analysis
  • Coupled Structures, Fluids & Electromagnetics
Manufacturing Analysis
  • Metal Forming
  • Plastic Injection Molding (Fill, Pack, Cool & Warp)
Multibody Dynamics
  • Kinematic / Dynamic Motion Studies
  • Flexible Body Interface with Abaqus
  • Vehicle Dynamics & Durability
  • Realtime ADAS Simulation
  • Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian
  • Hydrostatic-Fluid-Mechanical
  • Piezoelectric
  • Structural Acoustics
Material Calibration
  • Material Evaluation
  • Material Model Development
Design Optimization
  • Topology & Shape Optimization
  • Parametric Optimization
  • Design of Experiments
  • Sealing pressure FEA project done in Abaqus with GoEngineer
  • Project Analysis

  • "Does it pass the test?” GoEngineer can assemble the model, design the simulation, and give you the answer. Compare your options, validate your ideas, and hit your targets with confidence.

    Engineering Analysis
    Virtual prototyping using reliable, true-to-life CAE keeps engineers and companies on the right track when designing complex and interconnected products in increasingly competitive markets.

    Augment Your In-house Engineering
    Already comfortable with your processs? We'll pick up your methods and standards as if we were a member of your team. Whether you need more heads or more computers, we're there when you need us to keep your pipeline moving.



  • Some elements of a product development project from GoEngineer
  • Product Design & Development

  • Integrated design & development services. From research to production, GoEngineer's designers and engineers work side-by-side using the latest analysis and optimization tools to efficiently develop parts to specification.

    Project Planning
    Detailed Gantt charts with resource and cost identification

    Reliability Growth
    Boundary diagrams, process flow, and failure modes effect analysis (FMEA)

    Supplier Coordination
    Prototypes, capability assessment, cost analysis

    Engineering, Cost, & Supplier Status
    Concept sheets and customized management dashboards

    Cost Forecasting & Tracking
    Financial planning, tracking, and cashflow analysis

    We Do Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
    Cost-effective product development programs rely upon FEED to minimize total expenditures.  Although the initial investment is typically higher (more up-front engineering), the process generally leads to reduced cost of product development and final products.

    FEED capabilities:

     - Planning/costing

     - Concept design/trade studies

     - Optimization/DOE

     - FMEA/DVP&R support



  • Seal loading FEA-physical test correlation done in Abaqus/Explicit with GoEngineer
  • Physical Test Matching

  • Accuracy is essential to effective CAE, so we’ve made physical-to-virtual test correlation and material characterization two of our most practiced skills.

    Material Characterization
    Complex materials can be tricky for FEA, especially under extreme loading or environmental conditions or in composites. Clever modeling, sound data interpretation, and user subroutines can be used to reproduce nonlinear and situationally dependent behavior, like failure and degradation, complex layering, variable properties, etc.

    Test Correlation
    Many of our projects, especially those involving nonlinear dynamics, start with a physical test video. With the appropriate material properties, assembly connections and constraints, and an intelligent approach to model simplification, true-to-life simulation behavior is very achievable. From there, new design and analysis can be pursued with confidence.



  • A multiphysics simulation methodology developed by GoEngineer using Isight and Abaqus
  • Methodology Development

  • Creating a simulation that is complex, accurate, and efficient requires skill and experience. If the predictive model you require seems out of reach, GoEngineer can help. As consultants, we routinely use CAE software in creative ways to go beyond common analyses.

    Cutting-Edge Simulation
    Our expertise in a wide range of FEA and CFD tools can become your advantage. We can develop and train your analysis team on software and modeling methodologies that will lead to better engineering decision making.



CAE Services Process

CAE Services Consultation with GoEngineer


It Begins with a Conversation
Your engineering and business needs are unique, and there are many ways that GoEngineer can help. We can integrate simple analysis, design experimentation, and virtual testing involving a variety of physics simulation at varying levels into your own processes and operations.

After an in-depth technical discussion, we'll provide the best personalized solutions from our service catalog to meet your goals.

GoEngineer CAE Services Proposal Outline


Know Exactly What You’re Getting
GoEngineer will build a detailed proposal reiterating your interests and what we’ll do to meet them. This document will include:

  • Bulleted project scope, including analysis methods, purposes, and outputs
  • Phased timeline and manpower (estimated)
  • List of deliverables, obligations, and extended offerings
  • Cost breakdown

CAE Services Communication with GoEngineer


Dedicated Points of Contact
You will have a lead engineer and an overseeing engineering manager assigned to your project, with uninterrupted and open lines of communication.

Awareness from Beginning to End
We recommend weekly web meetings with your GoEngineer project lead and engineering manager to discuss the progress and direction of your project.  These meetings can be extremely valuable, especially upon surprising analysis results.

Have CAE, Will Travel
GoEngineer personnel are also available for travel to in-person meetings with you and/or your customer.




What Do You Get with GoEngineer CAE Serivces?


Know Exactly What You’re Getting
We build high-quality simulations to customer specifications using our extensive CAE software portfolio:

Big Computing Resources for Fast Results
With high-performance local and cloud computing capabilities, we can support rapid iteration on very large analyses, like high-fidelity, multistep nonlinear static analysis, or full vehicle crash simulations.

FEA & CFD project deliverables can come in many forms, from reports to results files, and it's all available to you.


Everything You Need for Better Decision Making
The GoEngineer CAE consulting team can produce a wide range of deliverables for you, as scoped out in your proposal:

  • Simulation and technical presentations
  • Image, video, and 3D interactive results
  • Optimized 3D topology or design parameters
  • Design/engineering recommendations
  • Accounting of resources
  • Functioning FEA & CFD models
  • Solver output databases
  • Documentation of methodologies

Process of Using CAE Services for CFD and FEA Simulations

Next Steps

Building Upon Success
Some projects may be complete upon delivery, but it doesn’t have to stop there.  Additional steps may include:

  • Project retrospective
  • Customer interface
  • Additional iterations and studies
  • Transfer of analysis files
  • Training in methodologies used

Learn what industries GoEngineer Simulation Services Cater Towards  

Who Can We Help?

    We work across a broad range of industries that includes automotive, energy, oil and gas, aerospace and defense, civil and structural engineering, metals, machining and manufacturing, consumer goods and appliances, healthcare, and biomechanics; helping customers to leverage existing legacy and emerging simulation technologies.

    We have experts in engineering, mathematics, and physics with proven experience in mechanical and structural engineering, metallurgy, computational fluid dynamics, high & low-frequency electromagnetism, multi-physics, multi-body dynamics, acoustics, tolerance management, and additive manufacturing.

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