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What is Altair ONE?

Altair One is a complete multi-solution for the entire product development and validation cycle. The One platform includes solutions for structural analysis, multiphysics simulation, electromagnetic, noise and vibration, fluid dynamics, thermal analysis, and simulation-driven design all in the same place. One combination of ease of use and robust analysis capabilities makes it the perfect tool - from part-time users to high-end analysts.

Altair One has been reimagined to bring all applications under one common user experience, leveraging comprehensive domain knowledge and AI with advanced solutions for NVH, crash, CFD, manufacturing, and more. From concept design to detailed product development, through manufacturing simulation and system-level digital twins, we’ve integrated the One suite for the product lifecycles of today’s complex and connected products.



Learn More About Altair Hyperworks Structural Analysis Simulation Options From GoEngineer


Simulate the best structural performance with advanced finite element analysis technology, under static, kinematic, and dynamic loading conditions.  Professional SOLIDWORKS Training

Learn More about Simulation software available from Altair Hyperworks for Manufacturing


With the familiar Altair Inspire interface and suite of tools, users can now validate the manufacturability of designs with speed and accuracy. Professional SOLIDWORKS Training

Learn More About Electromagnetic Simulation Options from GoEngineer


Advanced material modeling capabilities, electromechanical power conversion applications, scriptability, and integration into a multiphysics environment, Professional SOLIDWORKS Training


Learn More About the Benefits of Altair One


Learn How Altair One Can Speed Up Your Product Development

Faster Product Development

Altair One provides applications for design, simulation, and manufacturing in a single model-centric platform, eliminating conversion inaccuracy and inefficiency. Easy-to-learn, effective workflows that leverage domain knowledge increase team productivity.

Learn How Altair One can Help Reduce Product Failures


Use multi-disciplinary, multiphysics, and multi-model exploration to create high-fidelity simulations of your products in every operating environment. Optimize designs directly within your modeling environment and produce robust designs across the broadest spectrum of physics.

Lower Development Costs with Altair One


Experiment, invent, and innovate with virtual product development. Fail fast and succeed earlier by identifying your most promising concepts earlier though quick studies with Altair One tools that accurately model structures, mechanisms, fluids, electromagnetics, electrical, embedded software, systems design, and manufacturing processes.

Industry Leading Optimization and Physics Workflows

Quickly create 3D parts and assemblies and easily edit them as design needs evolve. Take measurements and interrogate for details such as mass or center of mass – all which would only be possible after building an actual prototype. Assess collision and interference instantly – a feature that is completely absent in a 2D environment. Our world-class easy-to-use interface is unmatched in the CAD world.

Optimizes structures, mechanisms, composites and additive manufactured parts with Atair One

Make Simulation Design more Collaborative with Altair One

Tools for Both Experts and Part-time Analysts

The suite’s broad workflow implementations enable design engineers and part-time analysts to drive more of your product design with optimization. Simulation experts can draw upon the advanced features of Altair One including multiphysics simulations of interacting structural, mechanical, thermal, electromagnetic, and fluid behavior.

Shared User Experience

Your designers, engineers, and CAE specialists can now work within a single intuitive and consistent user-experience. Each release of the Altair One platform provides more tools that deliver class-leading workflows employing this same user-interface.


Get a Shared User Experience with Altair One

Available Suites

Concept Engineer Suite
- SimSolid Complete
- SimLab
- Inspire Structure
- Inspire Cast
- Inspire Mold
- Inspire Print3D
- Inspire Form
- Inspire Foam
- FluxMotor
- Hyperstudy
Mechanical Engineer Suite
- Hypermesh
- HyperView
- Flux
- Motionsolve
- Optistruct
- Radioss
- Acusolve
- APA Products
MultiPhysics/Mechatronics Engineer
- ultraFluidX
- nanoFluidX
- Feko
- Winprop
- Pollex
- PSOs
- APA Products


Altair One Flexible Subscription Licensing Available

Flexible Subscription Licensing

Altair One Units are a unique subscription licensing that provides customers with the ultimate flexibility. Instead of purchasing individual software applications, customers purchase One Units, enabling access to the Altair Product Portfolio. Engineering teams share Altair One Units, allowing engineers to use the Altair software they need, when they need it, without necessitating the purchase of new software.

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