Top-end FEA for designers & analysts, powered by Abaqus in the cloud

Simulation Without Limits

3DEXPERIENCE STRUCTURAL lets you perform reliable strength and durability validation during the design process, when it can have maximum impact.

It offers the powerful and intuitive tools needed to easily perform sophisticated multistep structural simulations, powered by market-leading Abaqus and fe-safe technology.

With total cloud PDM integration and on-demand cloud computing resources from the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, CAD and CAE teams can achieve functional prototypes in record time.


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“We chose a 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation solution because it’s cloud-based, which supports our remotely located engineering organization, works seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS design data, and incorporates the Abaqus Explicit solver, which is best suited for the types of simulation studies that we need to conduct on our parts, which can involve hyperelasticity, creep, fatigue, and contact.”

– Thomas Morgan
Design Engineer

Morgan Polymer Seals quote about GoEngineer and the 3DEXPERIENCE SImulia tools


3DEXPERIENCE Structural Pre-processing

Convenient Preprocessing

  • Guided workflows aid in the model setup process.
  • Native CAD-CAE connection of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform enables one-click FE model updates.
  • Utilize a wide range of advanced meshing capabilities including quad and hex elements.
  • Templating automates the process of generating FE models when designs are similar.
  • Native CAD access allows for intelligent identification and modeling of connectors and other geometry features.

3DEXPERIENCE Structural Drone Simulation

High-End Abaqus Solvers

3DEXPERIENCE STRUCTURAL's Abaqus implicit and explicit solvers cover everything from nonlinear, high-fidelity static loading to high-speed dynamic events.
Not only that, they also handle specialized physics such as electromagnetics, smoothed particle hydrodynamics, thermostructural, thermal-electrical, structural acoustics, and more.

3DEXPERIENCE Structural Material Fracture

High Solution Accuracy

3DEXPERIENCE STRUCTURAL can mix and match solvers and load steps in series to study assemblies in complicated, real-world states of loading.

Model materials can include alloys, rubbers, thermoplastics, composites, soils, powder metals, biomaterials – it can all be accurately simulated up to the most extreme strains and even into failure and cracking.

General Contact allows for automatic contact detection and solves those interactions with Abaqus's robust contact code.

3DEXPERIENCE Cloud Compute Launch

Cloud Compute

3DEXPERIENCE STRUCTURAL includes eight-core compute access on your choice of local or cloud hardware.

Users may also purchase cloud compute time and leverage up to 192 cores of processing power without having to research, buy, and maintain a workstation or server system.

3DEXPERIENCE Structural Bottle Crush Post-processing

Convenient Post-Processing

3DEXPERIENCE users may view and share 3D basic simulation results in their browser, including on mobile. For full postprocessing, they may download results files locally or launch a cloud viewing session.

They can also use reporting templates for repetitive postprocessing tasks.


Full Design Associativity
Quickly and easily update your simulation model with any design changes made in your connected CAD application.

Native CAD Connector
Save native CAD data to the 3D EXPERIENCE cloud platform, directly from your SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, Inventor, or Creo CAD interface

Nastran Import/Export
Import and export Nastran mesh/analyses



Abaqus Import/Export
Import Abaqus mesh and export Abaqus mesh/analyses



CATIA Design Essentials
Build analytical bodies and do other limited CAD functions using 3D EXPERIENCE CATIA functionality



Computational Generative Design Tools
Quickly and easily update your simulation model with any design changes made in your connected CAD application.



Parametric Design Study
Create an automated review process for alternate designs by defining the variable CAD parameters and an FEA analysis with objectives and constraints

limited support

Functional Generative Design
Converge upon an optimized design (in topology, shape, or parametric design) based upon performance objectives and constraints in one or multiple analyses.

User Assistant
Follow an interactive wizard to set up, run, and review results of simulations.

Physics Methods Reuse
Customize the User Assistant to streamline the setup and solving of complex simulations

Data Access & Management
Access the latest product design information from a single, centralized, secure location on the cloud

Engineering Collaboration
Collaborate in real-time, exchange ideas, and manage tasks across disciplines on the cloud

Lightweight Results Review
Review and share simulation results in the cloud with non-sim team members

Abaqus Implicit Static Analysis
Solve static problems of deformable parts and assemblies.

Abaqus Implicit Dynamic Analysis
Solve nonlinear transient and quasi-static problems such as snap fits

Abaqus Explicit Dynamic Analysis
Solve nonlinear dynamic problems such as drop tests and impact.


fe-safe Durability Analysis
Solve linear and nonlinear fatigue analysis with stress-based and strain-based fatigue methods allowing high-cycle and low-cycle fatigue analysis.



Linear Analysis
Run static, thermal (steady-state), frequency, and buckling studies with frictionless contact interactions and small sliding.

Advanced Linear Analysis
Run modal transient and modal harmonic studies.

Nonlinear Analysis
Run nonlinear static, thermal (transient), visco/creep studies and axisymmetric idealization of 3D models.

Advanced Nonlinear & Multiphysics Analysis
Study explicit dynamic, post-buckling, random vibrations, complex frequencies (with possible preloading effects), piezoelectric response, coupled thermal-electrochemical stress, structural acoustics, smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH), and unstable collapse of nonlinear structures.


Sequential Multi-Step Simulations
Set up automatic sequential loading in one simulation.

Step Restart
Begin an entirely new simulation based on a completed analysis.


Abaqus General Contact
Automatically set up component contact for the whole assembly at once.

Small & Finite Sliding Contact 
Accurate contact modeling up to and including large relative displacements.

Durability Analysis
Run realistic fatigue loading defined by any number of structural events from elastic or elastic-plastic structural analysis; multiple load events can be used to replicate entire test schedules, including inter-event transitions and manufacturing effects.



Additive Manufacturing Analysis 
Use structural FEA to minimize print time and material usage and maximize post-print dimensional accuracy.




User Subroutines
Link Abaqus user subroutines to 3D EXPERIENCE STRUCTURAL analyses to provide complex, user-defined definitions.




Set up modeling of multiple components in an assembly.

Comprehensive Meshing Capabilities
Create high-quality meshes for solids, shells, and beams.

Rule-Based Meshing
Set meshing size and specifications (holes, fillets) for automatic high-quality mesh creation.

Model Assembly Design
Apply automated modeling to rapidly set up a simulation model mesh on a complex assembly.

Geometry Preparation & Simplification
Automatically remove undesired geometry (holes, fillets, logos), extract mid-surface, and partition geometry for hex meshing.


Substructures & Submodels
Improve simulation speed while retaining solution accuracy with targeted analytical simplifications.


Keyword Editing
Edit or add Abaqus keywords to a 3D EXPERIENCE STRUCTURAL analysis.


Nonlinear Materials
Explore a wide range of materials including the following properties: hyper-elasticity, plastic or permanent deformation, creep deformation, viscoelasticity, and more.

Advanced Material Properties
Time, temperature, and rate dependencies, damage/fracture, and more.

Fatigue Materials
Use database of fatigue materials with high-quality stress- and strain-based data for over 350 common materials.



Material Calibration
Use test data to calibrate model behavior.


Composite Materials
Perform detailed simulation of composite structures for stiffness, strength, manufacturability, and damage tolerance, while optimizing weight and performance.




Basic Post-Processing Tools
Generate reports, contour/vector/iso-surface plots.

Advanced Post-Processing Tools
Create XV plots (field, history), path plots, view cuts.

Material Rendering
Create stunning visuals coupling material rendering with simulation results.

High-Performance Visualization
Accelerate the visualization of results, even on large models.

Remote Web Visualization
Review cloud-computed analyses through the web browser.

Animation Export
Save transient results in video format.

Side-by-Side Comparison
Configure multiple view layouts to show different orientations, results, or analysis cases.

Report Generator
Automatically create PLM-managed reports including results images and FE model details.

Local and Cloud Computing
Run simulations on your local computer or in the cloud.

High Performance Computing (HPC)
Expand the computing capacity of your local computer and on the cloud.

Embedded Compute Cores
Access up to this many compute cores (either cloud or local) without additional purchase.




Compute Tokens
Permanent access to local or cloud Abaqus solving, up to a fixed limit of parallelized CPU cores.




Compute Credits
Consumption-based access to local or cloud Abaqus solving, at a rate based upon solve duration and a number of CPU cores used.





  • Structural Performance Engineer, a 3DEXPERIENCE STRUCTURAL solution, offers powerful Abaqus static analysis capabilities.

    Part of the 3DEXPERIENCE SIMULATION portfolio

     Structural Performance Engineer

  • A fully PLM-integrated implicit FEA solution, powered by Abaqus on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.
  • Key features:
    - Core Abaqus nonlinear static & linear dynamic analysis
    - Automatic & robust contact modeling
    - Complex nonlinear material modeling
    - Single-objective design studies
    - Cloud compute (8 cores) included

    Typically used by:
    - Designers/engineers needing exceptionally accurate static structural analysis
    - Designers/engineers validating large or complex assemblies

    Add-on features:
    - CAD Connector (SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, Inventor, PTC)
    - Fatigue & Durability
    - Composite Material Modeling & Analysis
    - Cloud/Local Compute Tokens
    - Cloud/Local Compute Credits

  • Structural Mechanics Engineer, a 3DEXPERIENCE STRUCTURAL solution, offers extended nonlinear and multiphysics Abaqus FEA.

    Part of the 3DEXPERIENCE SIMULATION portfolio

      Structural Mechanics Engineer

  • All of Structural Performance Engineer, plus many additional analysis, multiphysics, and modeling enhancements.
  • Key features:
    - Additional Abaqus nonlinear dynamics & multiphysics
    - Automatic & robust contact modeling
    - Complex nonlinear material modeling
    - Additional FE & material modeling tools
    - Multi-objective design studies
    - Cloud compute (8 cores) included

    Typically used by:
    - Designers/engineers who also need impact or advanced vibration analysis or multiphysics
    - Designers/engineers who want to spend less time in preprocessing

    Add-on features:
    - CAD Connector (SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, Inventor, PTC)
    - Fatigue & Durability
    - Additive Manufacturing Analysis
    - Cloud/Local Compute Tokens
    - Cloud/Local Compute Credits

  • Structural Analysis Engineer, a 3DEXPERIENCE STRUCTURAL solution, offers the full on-Platform Abaqus experience for traditional analysts.

    Part of the 3DEXPERIENCE SIMULATION portfolio

      Structural Analysis Engineer

  • The top-end 3DEXPERIENCE STRUCTURAL solution, with access to all the extended capabilities and customizations possible.
  • Key features:
    - Complete Abaqus nonlinear static, dynamics, & multiphysics
    - Stress- & strain-based fatigue analysis
    - Automatic & robust contact modeling
    - Complex nonlinear material modeling
    - Additional FE & material modeling tools
    - Multi-objective design studies
    - CATIA Modeling Basics
    - Nastran & Abaqus import/export
    - Access to composites & generative design add-ons

    Typically used by:
    - Analysts responsible for a wide variety of analysis types
    - Analysts engaged in complex or unusual analyses
    - Advanced Abaqus users

    Add-on features:
    - CAD Connector (SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, Inventor, PTC)
    - Generative Design (Optimization)
    - Composite Material Modeling & Analysis
    - Cloud/Local Compute Tokens
    - Cloud/Local Compute Credits


CAD Connector

  • Work with native CAD data in your PLM system.
  • Minimize FEM rework after CAD iterations.
  • For SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, Inventor, Creo, and more. 

Generative Design (Optimization)

  • Automated FEA loop converges on optimal design parameters, topology, or shape.
  • Fully open-ended objectives, constraints, and analyses.

Composite Materials

  • Transfer composites properties from CAD to FEM.
  • Compute fiber orientations to analyze compositve structures with greater accuracy. 

Additive Manufacturing

  • Analyze 3D printing process to increase part accuracy and reduce waste and print times.

Compute Tokens

  • Traditional compute licensing -- great for consistent utilization.
    • Solve time: Unlimited
    • CPU usage: Token-limited core count
  • User can have both tokens and credits.  

Compute Credits

  • Flexible compute licensing -- great for burst and/or parallel utilization.
    • Solve time: Credit-limited
    • CPU usage: Unlimited cores on local, 4-192 cores on cloud
  • Affordable access to high CPU core counts.
  • User can have both tokens and credits. 

Learning 3DEXPERIENCE STRUCTURAL: Goengineer Is Here to Help

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Self-Guided Learning

The offical 3DEXPERIENCE Edu Space contains tens of self-guided video courses on 3DEXPERIENCE STRUCTURAL topics.

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Training Courses

GoEngineer offers training courses from beginning to advanced, taught in-person and online.

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We can work with you to develop custom analysis methodologies to accomplish whatever simulation you need.


CAD-connected, cloud-computed, high-performance CFD for designers and analysts alike.



Abaqus leads the pack in scalable nonlinear structural FEA solutions.


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