3DEXPERIENCE Platform 2022x FD02 Release: Top Enhancements

Article by Travis Quick on Jun 14, 2022

In this post, I highlight my favorite enhancements in the recent 2022X FD02 release of 3DEXPERIENCE. These are my personal favorites, but the complete list of 3DEXPERIENCE platform updates can be found here

Updates to the UI

As a huge fan of customizing SOLIDWORKS to work for you, I am always on the lookout for ways to simplify my design process with quick UI changes. Most recently, there is a new Lifecycle and Collaboration category within the customization dialog. 

This new functionality, allows for commands such as Lock, Unlock, and other data management tools to be added to your shortcut bar, CommandManager tabs, or toolbars.

Figure 1: Customizing the user interface

If you want to include the Lifecycle & Collaboration tab to your CommandManager, you may need to reset your registry keys if it is not already available.  

Additionally, while working in SOLIDWORKS, we can expand the display pane as another way to see a quick highlight of our file information and vault status. From here we can lock/unlock any data that is ‘In Work.’

Figure 2: Display pane lifecycle visibility

Manage and view your local cache

A new tab has been added to view and manage your local cache. From this tab, we can see revision status and more. 

Hovering your cursor over an item, provides a thumbnail showing a preview of the file and file location. Additionally, items can easily be opened and deleted from the cache, giving users more control over how their data is managed.

Figure 3: Manage your cache

Drag & Drop from the Design Tree

When using the tools on the platform, we often want to reference the open file within SOLIDWORKS in the open app within our 3DEXPERIENCE add-in. Now, when performing an ALT + Drag, we can drag our file from the FeatureManager Design Tree to select apps within the platform.  

Easily add your assembly to the bookmark editor or drag your finished part into tasks or Change Action. This improved integration between SOLIDWORKS and the platform really boosts the ease of use for these utilities.

Figure 4: What an ALT+Drag!

Task Scheduler

The Task Scheduler associated to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is similar to the traditional Task Scheduler in SOLIDWORKS. You can create tasks for your local data as well as data saved on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.  

3DEXPERIENCE Standard users will be limited to just the Convert Files option. However, Professional and Premium users have access to the remaining tasks, including the new Generate Derived Output! This new functionality allows for generation of DXF/DWG of SOLIDWORKS drawings from the platform.

Figure 5: 3DEXPERIENCE Task Scheduler

Batch Save updates

There are some pretty neat updates in the Batch Save functionality. We can include the sub-folder structure of our Windows Explorer environment to be matched within the bookmark structure in the 3DEXPERIENCE. 

The files are copied to the platform and referenced in the appropriate bookmarks and structure within the bookmark editor.

Figure 6: Include folder structure with Batch Save

Bulk download of generic 3D models

For users that want to provide external users a package of .STP files, this can be quickly performed using the new Bulk download option.  

From your MySession within SOLIDWORKS, Product Structure explorer, or other tools with access to part information, we can simply navigate to the derived output where there is a button to download all the derived outputs for that assembly. This creates a zip file instead of downloading this content individually. Note that this process is currently only available for 3D models. Expect to see 2D functionality in future updates!

Figure 7: Bulk download STP files


This one is a game changer! Super cool functionality. Out of the box with the platform tools, we can navigate within the 3DEXPERIENCE add-in and select Tools > Export > Export Package. This enables users to export a dataset similar to Pack & Go. 

However, where Pack & Go is disconnected from your data management experience, the 3DEXPERIENCE package provides control over read/write access for external users.

External users with 3DEXPERIENCE can open this data automatically. Users without 3DEXPERIENCE tools can access the free 3DEXPERIENCE Exchange download here.

With the 3DEXPERIENCE Exchange add-in enabled on the end-user’s system, they can open these files, view, make changes, and return the files to you!  

When you open these files, you have the option to load changes, review the differences, and save those changes to your original files. So much cooler than Pack & Go, so check this one out immediately!

Figure 8: SLDPKG for external collaboration

3DEXPERIENCE Platform 2022x FD02 Release: Top Enhancements

Additional Updates

Additional major and minor updates that I am excited to see are

  • Flat local cache folder for 3DEXPERIENCE users. Your files are still located in C:\Users\[usename]\AppData\Local\DassaultSystemes\3DEXPERIENCE\My Work, but the next time you clear your cache, the automated and nested folder structure should disappear.
  • When creating new documents in Product Structure Editor and Engineering Release, you can now select your SOLIDWORKS templates to create those new files.
  • When creating a new revision of a file in SOLIDWORKS, the new revision is automatically loaded and the state is In Work. This setting can be controlled within the 3DEXPERIENCE add-in > Tools > Options > Save > Replace current revision automatically when creating a new revision.
  • Drawing files now include thumbnails on the platform!

Thank you for checking out my top enhancements in the 2022x FD02 release of 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. I hope you are as excited about these new features as I am. These are great additions to the 3DEXPERIENCE tool set, and I look forward to hearing how these changes improve your workflow and performance.  

Stay tuned for future posts on the enhancements to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform! 

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