8 ALTAIR Inspire Cast Tips: Meshing Issues (Part 2)

Article by Drew Tucker on Apr 16, 2020

Welcome to part two of our blog series where we share eight quick tips for getting started in Altair Inspire Cast . In part one we addressed common meshing issues involving sleeves. In this blog, we’re taking a look at vents.

Tip #2: Common meshing issues - vents

Having trouble getting your high pressure die casting simulation to mesh in Altair Inspire Cast ? The problem may be in long, thin geometric features. Specifically, vents.

Altair Inspire Cast Meshing issues

Altair Inspire Cast vents

These long, thin areas allow air to escape from the cavity, typically at the end of the fill. While they serve a great purpose in the real world, they can be problematic in the simulation world - specifically by creating odd meshed areas with no thickness. In addition, they won’t add to the overall quality of the simulation - so they’ve got to go! 

You can either remove them in your CAD tool of choice or by using the geometry tools in Altair Inspire Cast. The Cut tool in the Geometry Toolbar should make quick work of these.

Altair Inspire Cast Geometry Tools for Vents

Select this tool, pick the bodies to partition, and cut them away.

Altair Inspire Cast Remove Bodies

Once cut, simply delete these separated vents. You’ll be left with a model that should run much easier and without compromising the quality of your simulation.

Altair Inspire Cast Tutorial Common Meshing Issues Vents

That wraps up our second quick tip in this series. In our next tip, we discuss another common meshing issue that occurs internally. Find out how to solve that problem here

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