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Learn how to restore SOLIDWORKS thumbnails in Windows so that your thumbnails show the parts or assemblies themselves instead of that pesky icon.

In this blog, we perform a structural analysis case study using SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard and SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress.
Oh, how time flies by! Remember last year’s SOLIDWORKS 2019 release? It seems like yesterday. Well, today is tomorrow! Last year a new feature was released to give more flexibility during the creation of large welded designs: Structure Systems. And, we have new SOLIDWORKS 2020 Structure Systems improvements to review this year.

Why is SOLIDWORKS opening a new session every time I launch a part from Windows Explorer? Well, there is this thing called SOLIDWORKS Launcher, you may have seen the name lurking somewhere around in your computer. This program is what decides which version of SOLIDWORKS to launch when a file is open. Usually, accidentally, SOLIDWORKS files get associated to be launched by SOLIDWORKS itself, not the SOLIDWORKS Launcher.

Before removing a local view make sure that all files are checked in from the local vault view. If users do not check in these files, any work in the local copy will be lost. These files will be shown as checked out in the new local view but the data from the local copy will not exist so it will not be possible to recover those changes.