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Design Checker, available in SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium, is an add-in that automates the verification of compliance with company or customer standards for drawings. This article provides an overview of the Design Checker tool and how to use it. 


The Web2 Client interface is a great way to allow access to users who cannot install a traditional PDM Client. However, if the local view dffers in appearance from what users are used to seeing when logged in through Window Explorer, it can be a confusing and frustrating experience. This article covers the steps necessary to use custom column sets that have been created for use in Local Vault Views. 

Sheet metal designs can be knocked out in SOLIDWORKS in very short order. The tools available are robust and simple to use. However, depending on the precision with which you need your parts manufactured, their ease of use can make it easy to overlook a key factor in accurate parts - the flat pattern. 


A well-performing system is a key factor in a productive environment. Slow performance from your SQL database or the hardware on which it is hosted, can turn what is otherwise a powerful suite of tools aimed at improving productivity into the bane of existence for any engineer who needs to interact with it.

Is your SOLIDWORKS session cascading in upon itself and leaving you dizzy, no longer sure which way is positive Z? Or, maybe the text in your feature tree has shrunk down to the point of being illegible. Most likely, you are suffering from mishandled DPI Scaling settings.


When designing parts in SOLIDWORKS and documenting them in drawings, it is often necessary to display a company logo. Perhaps you need to put together some product reviews for marketing, maybe your drawing will be used to determine the position of screen printing on a part, or, maybe, you're just looking to spruce up your drawings with your company logo. In this article, learn three different methods for adding images and inserting logos into SOLIDWORKS parts and drawings. 



One of the most frustrating hindrances to productivity is disruptions to the status quo. So much of what we do as SOLIDWORKS users have been committed to muscle memory that any changes to how tools work or where they are can really throw us off our game. This is why SOLIDWORKS very carefully considers the changes that are made and it’s not often that the user interfaces changes in drastic ways.

With the release of SOLIDWORKS 2020 and the introduction of ‘Detailing Mode’, the below scenario (loading an entire assembly…) is no longer the case. Detailing mode is useful if you need to make minor edits to drawings of large assemblies. Or, if you need to make edits to drawings with many sheets, configurations, or resource-intensive views.
If only I could have had access to Silhouette Entities at the beginning of my SOLIDWORKS career. With Silhouette Entities, the job I mention below would have taken a fraction of the time.