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By default, when a SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation user starts a new project under the Input Data folder, there are only a few categories: Computational Domain, Fluid Subdomains, Boundary Conditions, Goals, and Mesh. While these options are the most commonly used in Flow Simulation, they do not represent all the tools available in the software.
There are four different pressure definitions used in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation: Static Pressure, Total Pressure, Dynamic Pressure, and Environment Pressure. Static Pressure is the pressure at a single point in the moving flow field as the gas or liquid flow moves through a system. Static Pressure can be measured as the flow passes over a device that introduces no velocity change to the flow or a device moving with the flow field.
A free throw in basketball is a shot about precision and consistency. Error margins are tight, so players implement techniques to improve their chances. One vital technique is to put backspin on the ball. In this article, we will run a motion and aerodynamic analysis using SOLIDWORKS Motion and SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation to look at why backspin is important by comparing it to a shot without spin.
A partially filled tanker travels at speed, and then suddenly stops. The liquid inside its tank continues forward, slamming into the walls, then dissipating over time in waves. How much force does it apply on the tank? How long does it take to dissipate? Could a particular baffle design within the tank reduce the overall force, turbulence, and time to settle? We can find out more about tank sloshing using SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation.
With the partnership of SOLIDWORKS Simulation and 3D printing, we converted a snorkel mask into a respirator in less than 24 hours to help beat COVID-19.
In this article, we perform intake manifold optimization using SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Computational Fluid Dynamics. Take a look at this process here.
In hospitals, negative pressure rooms are used to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. To illustrate the concept and effectiveness of these rooms, we’ve run some fluid and particle studies using SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation.
Let’s explore the aerodynamic performance of the Cybertruck with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation and let the results speak for themselves.
New in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2020 it is possible to specify the altitude of the system you are setting up. Flow Simulation will then apply the appropriate pressure and temperature conditions for the desired altitude. This enhancement will make it easier to work with different scenarios when using Parametric Studies in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2020