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3D Printing SLA Feb 06, 2024

Titanium Assistant software complements the operation of the Stratasys Neo® line of SL 3D printers. While not fundamentally required to operate a Neo, it is a companion program that I rely on as a daily user. It excels at workflow optimization and efficiency and allows any number of Neo's to be monitored remotely. Titanium Assistant empowers Neo operators to control three crucial aspects of the printing process from their local computer: file preparation, queue management, and machine management. 


3D Printing SLA Sep 12, 2023

Stereolithography is a 3D printing method that utilizes a laser to cure a photosensitive resin. Engineers, designers, and manufacturers use it to craft detailed prototypes, intricate models, and functional parts with high accuracy and smooth surface finishes. The Neo series from Stratasys represents a game-changing advancement in stereolithography technology that redefines the user experience.