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When creating drawings of an elaborate model, our views can suffer from unnecessary clutter. The challenge of CADD (Computer-Aided Drafting and Design) is to digitize the pencil. After all, a manual Drafter could draw any required detail, or in other cases, not draw unnecessary details that would confuse the drawing.

Sheet metal designs can be knocked out in SOLIDWORKS in very short order. The tools available are robust and simple to use. However, depending on the precision with which you need your parts manufactured, their ease of use can make it easy to overlook a key factor in accurate parts - the flat pattern. 

The Design Library, located on the SOLIDWORKS Task Pane, is a set of folders populated with reusable entities, such as annotations, assemblies, forming tools, routing components, and features. In this article we will look at how to create a Library Feature; a set of features added to the Design Library for re-use in other models. 


There are several ways to save a SOLIDWORKS assembly as an STL file for 3D printing (some more tedious than others). Printing an assembly with all the components at once takes advantage of natural clearances between the components. Printing the components all at once using support material creates a fully built assembly with no need for fasteners.   




This article explains how to use the Mate Controller in SOLIDWORKS. The Mate Controller is a tool that lets you specify multiple positions for mates within an assembly and save these mates without the need for configurations.


Before creating the Motion Analysis study, we want to make sure that the SOLIDWORKS Motion add-in is turned on. This add-in is found under Tools Add-Ins. To begin the Motion Analysis study, click on the motion study tab at the bottom. You can also right-click this tab and select Create New Motion Study if you already have an existing study. 

A sheet metal gusset is an indented feature that forms a gusset to stiffen a bend in sheet metal part. Rather than using a custom-made forming tool, SOLIDWORKS includes a Sheet Metal Gusset tool. In this tutorial, we'll take a look at how to create a gusset in a sheet metal part using the Sheet Metal Gusset tool.

Mates are used in SOLIDWORKS Assemblies to constrain the location and interaction of components. It is sometimes useful to temporarily lock certain components in place. Rather than add new Mates (only to remove them moments later), SOLIDWORKS has the ability to fix components temporarily and define groups to quickly lock things down or move many components at once.


In this tutorial, we'll take a look at a few of the possible ways to model a Wye Pipe in SOLIDWORKS. Wye pipes exist in various materials, from formed plastic to welded metal. In SOLIDWORKS however, the question of how to model the initial shape can be a lot more complicated.