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Have you ever wanted to create text around a circle (for example, a clock face or a rotary knob dial), but are unsure how to do it? This SOLIDWORKS tutorial walks through creating the text, which can be reused on other parts by simply copying it. 


Ever wonder how you can increase productivity within SOLIDWORKS? What if there was a way to automatically create in-context features such as cut extrudes and automatic placement when inserting a part within an assembly? There is a way to do this and more with SOLIDWORKS Smart Components!


SOLIDWORKS Costing (available in SOLIDWORKS Professional & Premium) is a powerful tool that can estimate production costs for manufactured components using parameters such as raw material costs, setup time, operation times, scrap reclamation, and more.   


Unabsorb Sketches is a handy SOLIDWORKS tool that can help ease the difficulty when adding sketches to a feature that has already been created. In this tutorial, learn how to use the Unabsorb Sketches tool to temporarily remove sketches from a feature to aid feature editing processes.


In SOLIDWORKS, blocks are a collection of sketch entities and even notes that can be saved for use in multiple parts, assemblies, and drawings. This can be a valuable time saver, especially for those entities used frequently. Think about sketches or notes that you may be using cut and paste for. Those can be saved as blocks in the design library, or other convenient location, for ready access without the need to open a previous file. In this guide, we'll demonstrate creating a block in SOLIDWORKS and how to reuse it. 


In SOLIDWORKS, the Bill of Materials (BOM) serves as a central hub, providing vital information about an assembly's components and their quantities. But have you ever felt limited by its standard features? In this article, we cover the fundamentals of setting up BOM equations and show how equations work in the context of a BOM table. 


In SOLIDWORKS, tables are used to annotate drawings and assemblies. Their appearance can be driven by a company standard, personal preference, or for clarifying information. A table template helps maintain consistency and avoid customizing tables for each use. Here, we will take a look at the tools available and how to use a customized table template in SOLIDWORKS.


In this SOLIDWORKS tutorial, we demonstrate how to create indents at the assembly level. In this example, we have an assembly of a plate and three pieces that intersect with the plate. The goal is to change the geometry of the plate to encompass the three pieces on the bottom. To do this, we'll use the Indent feature.


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