Check Tool SOLIDWORKS Tutorial

Article by David Cersley on Jul 21, 2022

It doesn't matter if you're new to SOLIDWORKS or a power user - errors can happen. In this quick tip, learn about a handy tool to have in your toolbox that can save the day when validating and checking your parts for geometry errors.  

SOLIDWORKS Check Tool Icon

Evaluate > Check

The Check tool has saved me a couple of times, especially when evaluating model issues. To use the Check tool, go to Location Tools > Evaluate > Check...  

Check Tool SOLIDWORKS Tutorial

Alternatively, the Check Feature will appear if you do a command search and type "Check".

Check Entity

Upon activation, there are several defaults to check Solids and Surfaces. In order to evaluate a body or surface, left mouse click on the body in question and then hit the Check

Once you hit Check, SOLIDWORKS, based on the defaults selected, allows you to check for invalid faces, edges, minimum radius of curvature, edge gaps, and vertex gaps. 

Results List SOLIDWORKS Check Entity Tool

Result List

In the Result list, we can see if there are faces in question. In this example, when we select the surface model, three Open surface issues are found. 

If we left mouse click on the Open surface (#), we can see that SOLIDWORKS highlights the face in blue and an orange arrow appears to edges or surfaces in question. 

SOLIDWORKS Check Entity Results

Now that we can see the open faces, we can revise the knit or maybe you created a new surface reknit, and with two solid bodies, the Combine tool is no longer greyed out. 

I hope this tool helps you out the next time you need to evaluate your models. 

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