How to Copy SOLIDWORKS Custom Properties to Other Files

Article by GoEngineer on Jan 29, 2021

It is possible to copy every Custom Property in a SOLIDWORKS file to another document. If you are familiar with Microsoft Excel, it will be just like copying and pasting a range of cells. To Copy SOLIDWORKS Custom Properties to other files, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Custom Properties dialog Box:

    Copy SOLIDWORKS Custom Properties to Other Files

  2. With the dialog box open, use Windows selection tools to select one, some, or all properties
    1. To select one, click the number on the row of the desired column. 
    2. To select some, left-click row numbers while holding down the CTRL key.
    3. To select all, left-click the first row, hold the SHIFT key, and left-click the last row. (See example below)

      SOLIDWORKS Custom Properties Copy to Other Files

  3. Use the Windows keyboard shortcut for copying, CTRL + C
  4. Close the Custom Properties dialog box.
  5. Open the target file
  6. Open its Custom Properties dialog box.
  7. left-click the in the first column
  8. Use the Windows keyboard shortcut for paste, CTRL + V
  9. Done!

I hope you found this quick tip helpful. Learn more tricks in SOLIDWORKS below.

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