Customizing Colors in SOLIDWORKS Drawings

Article by Gary Ballentine on Jan 22, 2021

Want to add emphasis on your SOLIDWORKS drawing with custom colors and create a unique drawing by controlling more than just the title block or annotations? SOLIDWORKS lets you specify the color of paper, borders, lines, and sketches as well as allowing you to customize the colors of sketch lines in a part file. 

System Options > Colors

To see what colors you can change, click on Tools > System Options, and select Colors. Under Color scheme settings you will find a list of all the different items that can have custom colors assigned to them.

Customizing Colors in SOLIDWORKS

Changing Paper Color

Scroll down to Drawings > Paper Color and select it. Click edit to open the dialog box that lets you select the color. You can choose predefined colors, or create your own from the color plot and by entering the RGB information. 

Changing Paper Color in SOLIDWORKS

Specifying the Color of Model Edges

To change the color of model edges in drawings, scroll down to Drawings > Visible Model Edges. Change the color in the same fashion as you changed the paper color.

Specifying the Color of Model Edges in SOLIDWORKS

Change Sketch Colors in Parts

The same process can be used to change the colors of different types of lines or dimensions in part files. Here, I have specified a color to indicate when a dimension is driven by a design table.

Change Sketch Colors in SOLIDWORKS Parts

Explore All the Options, or Revert to Default

Several options exist for colors under system options. If you decided you don’t like a change but don’t remember what the default color was, you can always change it back by selecting “Reset” and “This page only.” This will revert all colors to their default settings.

Customize Colors in SOLIDWORKS

I hope you found this SOLIDWORKS tutorial helpful. Check out more tips and tricks below.




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