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Article by Andrew Smith on Nov 23, 2022

Unlike familiar Windows folder-based systems, files on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform are not organized into folders but into a single collaborative space. There are many benefits to storing data in this manner, including faster retrieval, optimization of resources, and more. However, one of the side-effects is potentially problematic navigation to saved files. We can create a similar organizational scheme for users used to the windows folder storage scheme using bookmarks. This is a handy feature and helps in many ways.

For users using simulation tools in 3DEXPERIENCE, this post will show how to make a tool to access all their saved simulation cases in one place. This widget and several other apps will give users full access to and control over their saved simulation cases.

3DEXPERIENCE Widget Creation

Creating the Simulation Case Widget follows the following steps.

  1. Search using the “sim:” keyword in the search bar at the top of the screen.

    How to Create a Simulation Case Widget in 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

  2. Click the 6Ws tag, then hit ENTER or click the spyglass.
  3. Ensure Simulation is selected as the Type in the window that opens on the left.

    Custom 3DEXPERIENCE Widget Creation

  4. Under Persons, select ME.
  5. Pin to the dashboard using the chevron in the top right corner of the search app.

    3DEXPERIENCE Widget Tutorial

    Pin to Dashboard Option in 3DEXPERIENCE

  6. Select the appropriate Dashboard and Tab.

    Add Widget Option on 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

That's it! There are not many steps here, but getting the search widget set up this way allows users to find simulation cases much faster. 

When finished, the widget (shown below) can be resized to fill as much or as little of the tab as needed.

3DEXPERIENCE 3DSearch Results Window

Setting up a tab with this search widget along with the Collaborative Lifecycle, the Simulation Manager, and the Simulation Job Monitor widgets is a good starting place for organizing and locating your simulation data.

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