Create Custom Materials in SOLIDWORKS

Article by GoEngineer on Jan 12, 2017

Although SOLIDWORKS has an extensive material library, users often need to create custom materials. The ability to add custom materials enables users to calculate an accurate mass or simulation of a part or assembly. The following steps demonstrate the processes to create a new material in SOLIDWORKS. 

Step 1: How to change the material in a part or simulation

In a SOLIDWORKS part, materials can be changed by going to the design tree, right-clicking Material, and selecting Edit Material

In a simulation, materials can be changed without opening the individual part. Simply right-click on the part in the design tree and select Edit Material.

Creating Custom Materials in SOLIDWORKSApply/Edit Materials in SOLIDWORKS

Step 2: Create a new library

Once the Martial dialogue box is open, scroll to the bottom of the material tree. Right-click on custom material and select New Library, then create a New Category within the Library. This example uses a library called Custom Plastics and a category called Non-Linear Plastics. Click Apply

Create New Material Library in SOLIDWORKS

Step 3: Create a new material

New materials can be created by copying and pasting a similar material, or entering the material properties manually. Existing SOLIDWORKS materials cannot be edited. To copy a material, simply click on a material in the existing SOLIDWORKS Library, right-click and select Copy. Right, click in the new category and select Paste. Click Apply

Create a New Material in SOLIDWORKSUpdate Material in SOLIDWORKS

Step 4: Set the new material properties

Select the model type, and enter the values by double-clicking the value box. Click Apply

Set New Material Properties in SOLIDWORKS

Step 5: Apply the new Material to the part or simulation

Apply Custom Material in SOLIDWORKS

Congratulations! You have now successfully created a new material in SOLIDWORKS.

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