Create a SOLIDWORKS Electrical Project Template

Article by Martin Adams on Jun 02, 2022

Every SOLIDWORKS Electrical project begins with a template - even a default template. But with many templates, one size does not often fit all right out of the box. If you find yourself making the same changes to a new project each time, even a few minor ones, then it is time to create a template. The project template not only holds the general project settings, but it can also contain your desired drawing sheets. These can have a designated numbering order, customized title blocks, and more.

Where are the templates?

When creating a new project, a default list of project templates will be displayed. These are in the SOLIDWORKS Electrical data folder under the Project Templates folder. 

When a new template is created, it will be stored here. Often in collaborative settings this is part of the shared data folder. Coordination needs to be used when changing commonly used templates.

What’s in the template?

The template contains all of the settings related to a project - from the most basic of general options and includes design rule checks, reports and more.

Although there is a selection for an empty template, the number of options that need configuration make this a daunting task. Most users find it much easier to start with an existing template, make appropriate modifications, and save it as a new template.

Some users have project setup requirements for specific clients. You can have a template for each of them if needed.

A template can also be created from an existing project. Trim the parts that are project or customer-specific, and save that as a template.

The list of ways the template can be customized is endless. A reference section is at the end of this article detailing more options.

How to Create a new Electrical template in SOLIDWORKS

From the Project Manager, create a new project in SOLIDWORKS Electrical using the ANSI template. 

Create New Template in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Select your primary language, add your project, and other generic information as required.

Create New Project in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

The new project is now open in SOLIDWORKS Electrical. This is where any additional modifications should be made. Here we will defer to the defaults or you can modify those you need most. 

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Project Management Window

To save the modifications as a template, the project must be closed. Use the Project Manager to close the project.

A reference section is at the end of this post describes the various project configuration and project options. There are far too many to cover now. Let’s get the template created.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Save as Template Button

Use the Project Manager to save the newly created project as a template.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Save New Project

The new template now appears in the SOLIDWORKS Electrical data folder.

How can I use my new template?

Start a new project. The newly created template is now available in the selection pulldown.

How to Use an Electrical Template in SOLIDWORKS

Reference details

Once a new project has been created and opened, the project Configuration options will appear.

The project Configuration settings is one level, each of the items have their own options. It’s the hub for all of the project settings.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Configurations Dropdown Options

  • Project...
  • Drawing styles...
  • Wire Styles...
  • Line diagram line styles...
  • PLC drawing...
  • Terminal strip drawing...
  • Connector...
  • Cross references...
  • Report...
  • Design rule...
  • User data...
  • Import data...
  • Data replacement...
  • Excel export/import...
  • Palettes...

For an example, the project parameters selection has a number of tabs for various settings.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Project Configuration Tabs

The Project configuration parameters let you personalize the drawing and make the results and processes work for you.

The dialog box has several tabs, which, when clicked, lets you access the configuration parameters. These parameters are specific to the current Project. The parameters, amongst other things, help to define marks, the graphic options of the elements that constitute the Project.

  • General
  • Graphic
  • Symbols
  • Attribute
  • Text
  • Mark
  • Title blocks
  • Libraries and palettes

Within the tabs are settings for the most general of options, metric or imperial units. Graphic options for graphic color and visibility options. Title block assignment. The Mark tab are the formulas used for various marks can be changed. There are also options on the other tabs that you may or may not want to change.

As mentioned earlier, if you are changing the same settings on each new project, it really should be a template. 

We hope you have found this information useful. Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Electrical below. 

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