Creating a From-To List Using the SOLIDWORKS From-To List Wizard

Article by GoEngineer on Jan 29, 2015

This guide will walk you through the steps of creating a From-To List using the From-To List Wizard in SOLIDWORKS to populate cells in the table with existing component and cable/wire information.

What is the Function of a From-To List?

The From-To List is a compilation of components, connectivity, and wires used in an electrical route. 

The From-To List is defined by the user to be used in an electrical Route. A way to create this list is by using the From-To List Wizard.

From-To List Wizard Location

The From-To List Wizard is located at Tools>Routing>Electrical>From-To List Wizard.

Note: You will need to have a saved assembly open.

Creating the From-To List

Select the From-To List Wizard

Welcome Tab

  • Select Create New Library
  • Select Next

Create New Library SOLIDWORKS From-To List

Settings Tab

  • Browse for the correct .xml file for your connectors from the Component Library Path
  • Browse for the correct .xml file for your cables and wires for the cable/Wire library path
  • Select Next

SOLIDWORKS From-To List Creation

Note: Use an existing library or browse to a custom library

From-To List Tab

  • Be sure to select Start Route and fill in the cells
  • Start by selecting Add New from the drop-down in the first cell

    Add New From-To List Tab

  • The only typing you need to do is for the first time that the references are created (J1, J2, etc.)

    SOLIDWORKS From-To List Start Route

  • Save the file as the name and location you desire
  • You will see the following message, asking you if you want to start placing the components

    Start Placing Components Now Popup in SOLIDWORKS

  • Select Yes
  • The insert component dialog box appears, where you will see the connectors from the From-To List

    Insert SOLIDWORKS Part Assembly From-To List

  • Be Aware that Mate References are used in the connectors provided in SOLIDWORKS to make the placement of the connectors more user-friendly

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