DraftSight Enterprise Plus with 3D Modeling

Article by Randle Wood on Dec 12, 2019

If you are like me, one of the thousands of users that transitioned from other popular 2D CAD packages to any of the Dassault 3D suites, you eventually found yourself from time to time in need of a reliable 2D CAD package. Yes, the days of free  DraftSight  are gone now, but did you know that DraftSight now includes 3D capabilities? This is exclusive to the  DraftSight Enterprise Plus .

The use of the 3D functionality can help quickly illustrate the 3D outcome of a 2D ideation. The next few screens show the start and end of the process via a very simple User Interface (U.I.).

Starting in the default DraftSight U.I. for Drafting and Annotation you quickly create the outline of your part. You can add as much or as little detail as you would like:

DraftSight Enterprise Plus 2019

Now by using the feature-rich 3D Modeling U.I. included with DraftSight 2019 Enterprise Plus.

DraftSight Enterprise Plus 3D Modeling

(Some of the commands available – Box, Cone, Cylinder, Wedge, PolySolid, Push & Pull, Loft, Revolve, Sweep, Union, Subtract, Shell, Thicken & Check.)

We’ve created the 3D result of the defined 2D sketch.

DraftSight Enterprise Plus 3D Model

Now we’ll transition the 2D drawing to a 3D part with the export file types available. In this case, I used the STL file type to export from DraftSight 2019 Enterprise Plus to  SOLIDWORKS Premium  2020 (ScanTo3D add-in on) mesh.

DraftSight Enterprise Plus with SOLIDWORKS Scan to 3D Add-In

You may be asking yourself “Why isn’t there a save to SOLIDWORKS button? Why do I have to go through these extra steps?” Currently, DraftSight only saves to neutral 3D formats. Thankfully SOLIDWORKS has tools, like ScanTo3D, built in to do many types of imports.

While DraftSight Enterprise Plus 3D may offer some low-cost 3D modeling capabilities, it can’t replace the feature-rich SOLIDWORKS environment, especially when it comes to ease of use modeling assemblies, incorporating  Simulation  analysis or Motion, planning pipe or wire routes, and more. But, it can get you quick, low-cost access to 3D for prototyping and  3D Printing  mockups, in addition to the traditional 2D capabilities you’re used to for drafting, plotting, or laser cutting, etc.

Simple and straight forward DraftSight 2019 Enterprise Plus with 3D functionality is the best version to date. For more information about what DraftSight Enterprise Plus can do for you check out the video below.

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