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What's Included in SOLIDWORKS Premium?

Here are a few of the many advanced features you get with an upgrade to SOLIDWORKS Premium:


SOLIDWORKS Simulation Included in SOLIDWORKS Premium

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Collect accurate predictions on material loading and forecast displacement by using our prized and proven NAFEMS-approved finite element analysis tool, SOLIDWORKS Simulation.



Piping and Routing available with SOLIDWORKS Premium

Piping and Routing – Finish your more intricate designs by connecting components using the agile piping and routing (wiring) tools where you can easily manipulate paths and make changes.



Learn More About Motion Analysis and SOLIDWORKS Premium

Motion Analysis – Observe component behavior and response by creating a Motion Analysis, dodging the expense and the delays of building physical prototypes.




"ALL of GoEngineer’s staff, every one, every time, has always been extremely helpful to me and have solved my problems. GoEngineer makes SOLIDWORKS work for me.”

– Al Cooper Electric

SOLIDWORKS Premium vs Professional

SOLIDWORKS Premium vs Professional

When you upgrade SOLIDWORKS Professional to Premium you gain the most advanced 3D CAD solutions available.  SOLIDWORKS Premium extends on the productivity tools included with SOLIDWORKS Standard and Professional by offering a broad palette to satisfy end-to-end engineering needs.  We reserve our most computationally sophisticated tools for our Premium package.


The most advanced 3D CAD design engineering tools available.

FEA Linear Static Analysis available with SOLIDWORKS Premium Simulation

Electrical Routing

Our SOLIDWORKS Electrical Routing package is our initial solution to assemblies which require cables, harnesses, conduits, and more. Take control of your routes and borrow from our routing library to make things easier. Need a more complete solution? Learn more about our SOLIDWORKS Electrical Suite.


Motion Analysis

Evaluate the effects of gravity on your design or assess component contact. Observe kinematic interaction, without leaving your desk. Once you see this physics and mathematical marvel in action, you’ll decide you can’t continue without it.

Assembly Structural Analysis (FEA)

Compress your development time by testing your 3D models in our easy-to-use and accurate SOLIDWORKS Simulation static analysis add-in, avoiding the need to import/export for analysis. Examine results right in the design platform, so you can immediately make new design decisions or compare materials and re-run the analysis. Concerned about accuracy? This part of the program has been a part of our family for decades and earns the NAFEMS stamp of approval.

Advanced Surface Flattening

For those working with flexible mediums and textiles or those designing complex sheet metal geometries, you can flatten single and multiple complex surfaces using advanced surface flattening. Add relief cuts, view deformation plots, and export to other formats as needed.


Piping and Tubing

This add-in is a popular choice for those in the Energy sector and also for those who design larger spaces, such as power plants. Flexibility in the tool allows you to opt for the auto-route features or choose to manually create your route paths.

Not Exactly. The Linear Static Analysis capability is the same between both, but the Simulation Standard also includes Fatigue analysis and Trend Tracker, whereas the SOLIDWORKS Premium package doesn’t include Fatigue.
SOLIDWORKS Electrical suite is a complete electrical design package. All 3D Electrical components are generated and driven by 2D Schematics, using rules-based routing. Learn more about SOLIDWORKS Electrical suite.

Predict Performance

SOLIDWORKS Simulation continues to be the #1 reason to upgrade to or choose SOLIDWORKS Premium.

Motion Analysis

Our Time-Based Motion Analysis utility forecasts physical interactions between components. Reduce the number of iterations and prototypes by running your assembly setup through our Motion tool.

Assembly Structural Analysis

The easy-to-use interface paired with its accuracy is unrivaled. SOLIDWORKS Simulation allows you to easily set up a study, mesh/run the study, evaluate the results, make changes, and re-run the analysis. With our FEA tool, you can completely bypass the need to import and export CAD files, you can make material comparisons side-by-side, and you can see the effects of design changes instantly.


Advanced electrical features that give your CAD Designs custom components during development.

Piping and Electrical

Our piping and electrical routing tools help you complete your design with all of the standard components, as well as the flexible components which you need to manipulate on the fly as the design changes and develops.


Bring your CAD designs to life with full rendering capabilities.


Your efforts don’t stop at CAD. You can use the walk-through feature to explore the entire design or opt for our Visualize Professional upgrade package to give your audience/client a virtual tour of your CAD design with fully rendered images and animations.

"Going Beyond Design" SOLIDWORKS Whitepaper Cover


Going Beyond Design: Making CAD the Cornerstone of an Integrated Design-to-Manufacturing Process

SOLIDWORKS drives better team and company performance by uniting design, engineering, testing, quality control, tooling, and other disciplines within a single unified ecosystem.  Read this SOLIDWORKS whitepaper to learn more about how SOLIDWORKS Premium offers:

  • Virtual product simulation
  • Design validation
  • CNC tool path generation
  • Tooling development
  • Costing and quoting capabilities
  • Documentation development

Get Pricing for SOLIDWORKS Standard at

Get up to speed quickly with SOLIDWORKS Standard and unlock the benefits of this powerful 3D design solution for the rapid creation of parts, assemblies, and 2D drawings. Application-specific tools for sheet metal, weldments, surfacing, and mold tool and die make it easy to deliver best-in-class designs.



Get Pricing on SOLIDWORKS Professional

Build upon an already robust SOLIDWORKS Standard CAD package with SOLIDWORKS Professional.  Store and organize all of your CAD files and non-CAD files, new or old, in an ‘all-inclusive’ data management utility. Launch our Costing tool to make side-by-side cost comparisons based on materials, features, vendors, and labor.



Utilize GoEngineer’s Award Winning Support & Training for SOLIDWORKS

Award Winning Technical Support

GoEngineer's extensive SOLIDWORKS technical knowledge and world class support can help you succeed with SOLIDWORKS. Our award-winning team is ready to help you with any task you may have. Using state-of-art remote assistant technology software allows our team to solve most issues within one session. Reach out and see why GoEngineer is the #1 reseller of SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys systems in the world!

  • 125+Certified Technical Specialists
  • Email, Phone and Chat Support Available
  • 98% Exceptional Customer Service Rating



GoEngineer offers online and classroom professional SOLIDWORKS training for organizations and individuals. All our instructors are SOLIDWORKS certified and teach thousands of students each year world wide. The curriculum is very diverse with numerous certified SOLIDWORKS courses to choose from. Each student will receive a Course Completion Certificate and preparation materials for SOLIDWORKS certification.

  • Increase Your Earning Potential
  • Led by Certified SOLIDWORKS Instructors
  • Smaller Classes with Focused Attention


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