DriveWorks Pro Administrator Installation/Upgrade

Article by Francisco Guzman on Feb 04, 2014

In this DriveWorks Pro Administrator installation/upgrade guide, we'll follow the following topics:

  • Prerequisites to DriveWorks Pro Administrator installation 
  • Software installation
  • Software activation
  • Activating DriveWorks Pro add-in for SOLIDWORKS


  • Have the DriveWorks Pro Administrator serial number handy for activation 
  • Download the latest software from DriveWorks User Community 
  • Log in as "Windows System Administrator" in the client computer
  • Temporarily disable Anti-Virus software and firewall
  • Close any instances of SOLIDWORKS
  • For upgrades: Close any previous versions of DriveWorks Pro and DriveWorks Pro modules(e.g., Live and Autopilot) 


Run the DriveWorks Pro x86 or x64 installer and install any prerequisites (i.e. Microsoft DirectX). 

DriveWorks Pro Admin Installation

Note: In addition to Microsoft DirectX, prerequisites may include installation of Microsoft .NET Framework 4 and SQL Server Compact 4. The DriveWorks Installation Wizard will determine what is needed.

After installing prerequisites, the DriveWorks Pro installation wizard will appear. Click Next to accept End-User License Agreement. 

DriveWorks Pro Admin Setup Wizard

DriveWorks Pro End-User License Agreement

Once the End-User License Agreement is accepted, the Installation Wizard will prompt you to make required software selections. Select the software to be installed. The DriveWorks Pro User software does not need to be installed with the DriveWorks Pro Administrator. For this guide, the DriveWorks User and DriveWorks Administrator will be using different machines; DriveWorks Administrator, 3D Workshop, and Common Components are the only ones selected for installation. 

Note: This guide will focus on the installation of the 'Administrator', '3D Workshop', and 'Common Components' sections of the installation tree. DriveWorks Pro Network and DriveWorks Pro User installation will be covered in their own Installation/Upgrade guides. 

DriveWorks Pro Custom Setup Screen

Note: For more information about DriveWorks Administrator, DriveWorks User, 3D Workshop, and Common Components, visit DriveWorks Help web page using the links below.

Topic  Link
DriveWorks Administrator
DriveWorks User
3D Workshop
Common Components → Expand Tools


After selecting the software to install, click Next. At the 'Ready to install DriveWorks Pro' window, click Install for the wizard to run the installation.

DriveWorks Pro Ready To Install Screen 

Installing DriveWorks Pro Status

Click Finish upon completion of installation. The Installation Wizard will now close. 

DriveWorks Pro Download Complete Screen


To activate DriveWorks Pro Administrator, navigate through Start > All Programs > DriveWorks __ SP__> Click on DriveWorks Administrator

DriveWorks Administrator Activation

Note: For upgrades, DriveWorks Pro has a different serial number per major software release. Once the new software release is available for download, DriveWorks Ltd distributes the new serial number(s) for customers on maintenance through GoEngineer.

After clicking on DriveWorks Administrator, the DriveWorks Administrator module will open with the Licensing Wizard. Enter the serial number for DriveWorks Administrator and click Next.

Choose License Type DriveWorks Licensing Wizard

In the Registration Information window of the Licensing Wizard, enter the requested information. Click Next to activate.

DriveWorks Licensing Wizard Registration Information

DriveWorks Activating License Progress Bar

Click Finish upon completion of activation. The Licensing Wizard will now close. 

DriveWorks Activation Successful Screen

DriveWorks Add-In For SOLIDWORKS

Ensure that the DriveWorks Add-In is activated in SOLIDWORKS. Open SOLIDWORKS and Navigate through Tools > Add-Ins. Check the boxes for DriveWorks to load on Start-Up and/or as Active Add-In. 

DriveWorks SOLIDWORKS Add-In

Note: For upgrades, prior to activating the new Add-In, ensure that the Add-In for the older version is not active by un-checking the Active Add-Ins and Start-Up checkboxes. Failure to do so will result in the error below.

SOLIDWORKS Add-In for DriveWorks Pro

Installation/Upgrade Complete 

DriveWorks Pro Administrator is now ready to create or open a group.

DriveWorks Administrator Open Group

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