GrabCAD Shop: Improve Communication & Collaboration

Article by GoEngineer on Oct 07, 2021

GrabCAD Shop is an easy-to-use work order management software from Stratasys. It helps process and organize communication and requests between designers, engineers, and 3D printing shop operators. If you’re juggling several data systems and suffering from the effects of poor communication financially, here’s how GrabCAD Shop can help get you back on track.

GrabCAD Shop Improving Communication and Collaboration

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Eliminating Communication Chaos 

“But I already have a system in place.” 

Every shop manages orders somehow, usually using whatever tools are already available and familiar. A typical approach could include such disparate tools as dry-erase boards, calendars, spreadsheets, email groups and filters, and lots of manual data entry; it gets the job done, but isn’t elegant. GrabCAD Shop is purpose-built to handle these tasks all in one application. 

GrabCAD Shop Comparison Chart

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A typical shop can waste around 15% of a workweek just tracking down work order requirements and communicating the status of a project. Considering the hassle of monitoring SMS, chats, emails, and a voicemail inbox, it’s easy for critical details like cost, quantity, special requirements, or even delivery time to get lost in the shuffle. 

And when a last-minute change is needed, consider how long it can take to communicate those changes to the right people.

Front-end considerations notwithstanding, 3D printing operators in the lab then need to navigate all of this back and forth information while weighing the practical concerns of physically producing and delivering the parts to the engineer - as intended, on time, and within budget.

Benefits of GrabCAD Shop 

GrabCAD Shop is a one-stop-shop solution. Every request - every order - lives in one place. Setup is a breeze since Stratasys 3D printers and materials are pre-populated, though third-party printers are supported too.

How GrabCAD Shop Can Help

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Some of the main benefits include:

  • Mandatory information collected for each request
  • Job numbers are automatically assigned
  • Notifications can be sent to shop operators and engineers 
  • Status updates are in one place
  • CAD files, screenshots, documents are managed in one location
  • All communication is in one place

It’s also fully customizable and web-based, meaning you can get up and running on your own without requiring IT assistance or complex infrastructure.

GrabCAD Shop Free Trial

Ready to give GrabCAD Shop a spin? Start your free trial here

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