Installing SOLIDWORKS from an Email

Article by Brian Childree on Feb 01, 2017

So you’ve got your SOLIDWORKS download email, now what? Before beginning the download and installation process, make sure the computer you are planning to install SOLIDWORKS onto meets the minimum system requirements

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Clicking the Download Attachments link (1) will take you to the ShareFile website, where you will need to enter your information to begin the download. The download is large (~10GB), so it may take a while, depending on your internet speed.

While that is downloading, click on the link for the 7-zip site (2) to download 7-zip.

Installing SOLIDWORKS from Email

Figure 1. SOLIDWORKS ShareFile email

From the 7-zip site, choose the software version that is applicable to your needs; most likely it will be the 64-bit version (circled). Once downloaded, run the executable file to install 7-zip.

7 Zip SOLIDWORKS Email Installation Guide

Figure 2. 7-zip website for downloads

Once the SOLIDWORKS software is downloaded, right-mouse click the SOLIDWORKS zip file, select 7-Zip, and left-mouse click Extract Here to extract the folder.

Next, open the SOLIDWORKS folder and find the setup.exe application.

Setup SOLIDWORKS Email Installation

Figure 3. Extracted SOLIDWORKS folder

Right-mouse click setup.exe and select Run as Administrator. (Launches SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager).

In the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager select Individual Installation and click Next.

Individual SOLIDWORKS Email Installation

Figure 4. Installation Manager welcome screen

The Serial Number screen is where you will input your serial number (Trial or Purchased). Once your number is typed into the area correctly click Next.

SOLIDWORKS Email Installation Serial Number

Figure 5. Serial Number input page

On the Product Selection page, you can check the software you want to install and uncheck the parts you do not need. Once done click Next.

SOLIDWORKS Email Installation Product Selection

Figure 6. Product Selection page

On the Summary page, you will be prompted to read and accept the License Agreement from SOLIDWORKS. This box must be checked in order to install the software.

  • The Installation Location and Toolbox/Hole Wizard Options installation location can be changed.
  • GoEngineer suggests changing the name of the installation to reflect the SOLIDWORKS version for future reference. In this case, I have changed them to reflect that this is the 2016 version.
  • Once this is done, click Install Now in the bottom-right corner. This will initiate the installation. Once installed you can launch SOLIDWORKS and begin using it.

How to Install SOLIDWORKS from an Email

Figure 7. Summary page

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