Instead of the Diameter Symbol Ø in SOLIDWORKS

Article by GoEngineer on Mar 30, 2015

If you are trying to dimension a diameter in SOLIDWORKS, but you get <MOD-DIAM> rather than the Ø symbol, it is probably due to your gtol.sym file.

MOD DIAM Instead of the Diameter Symbol in SOLIDWORKS

Diameter Symbol in SOLIDWORKS

Check your File Locations

Most of the time this happens after an upgrade and your file location is pointing to an older version of the gtol.sym file.

  • Tools > Options > System Options > File Location, and select the Symbol Library File in the dropdown.
  • Ensure that it is pointing to the correct location.
    • The gtol.sym file is located in the C:\ProgramData\SolidWorks\SolidWorks 20XX\lang\english
    • If your gtol.sym file is missing from this location, you can copy this file from another computer or contact us and we can send you a copy to use.

MOD DIAM Diameter System Option File Location

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