New SOLIDWORKS PDM Column Configurations

Article by Enrico Tolentino on Dec 20, 2021

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2021 introduced an updated interface and new PDM column configurations the end-user will see. In previous versions, administrators were only able to add additional columns to the default SOLIDWORKS PDM columns. Now all the columns can be configured and modified. 

New Column Configurations in SOLIDWORKS 2021 and Newer

More Column Control and Configuration

The Reset button will reset the columns to the default SOLIDWORKS PDM column set.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Columns Reset Button

Localize system variables will lock the PDM System variables so that the Column Name is set to default and not customizable. 

SOLIDWORKS PDM Columns Localize System Variables Option

The Permissions tab can assign which user/group can see the column set. The new Preferred check box configures the default column set if the user/group has permissions to see multiple column sets.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Customizable Columns Preferred Checkbox

The Column sets can now be created in other locations inside SOLIDWORKS, not just the File List in the user’s local view. Columns can be configured in the Change StateCheck inCheck outGetUndo Check outContains, and Where Used

SOLIDWORKS PDM 2021 Column Sets

The additional SOLIDWORKS PDM column options and configurations create more detail and nuance to the end user’s work experience while working in the vault.

Want to learn more about SOLIDWORKS PDM? Check out our YouTube channel or the additional resources listed below.


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