SOLIDWORKS PDM Preserve Relative Paths Explained

Article by Cassidy Kelsch on Oct 14, 2021

Preserve Relative Paths is an option in SOLIDWORKS PDM Copy Tree and Move Tree features that makes it possible for the copied or moved files to bring their sub-folder structure along with them.  

Sub-folder Structure

The sub-folder structure is the folder name of where the files originally were located. In the example below, the components are broken up into folders based on their file type. 

SOLIDWORKS PDM Preserve Relative Path Sub-folder Structure

Copy/ Move without this Option

Performing a copy or move tree with the box to preserve relative paths unchecked to a new folder will result in the files being copied without their sub-folder structure and all placed into the specified folder.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Copy/Move without Preserve Relative Path Option Checked

Copy/Move SOLIDWORKS PDM Preserve Relative Path

Copy/ Move with This Option

When a copy or move tree with the preserve relative paths box checked to a new folder is performed, the sub-folder structure will be copied or moved with the files to the new location. 

SOLIDWORKS PDM Preserve Relative Paths Option Checked

Preserve Relative Paths Option Turned on in SOLIDWORKS PDM

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