How to Set Up a Firewall Exception for CAMWorks Teksoft.exe

Article by Nick Stanley on Dec 28, 2021

Why allow the Teksoft.exe through the firewall?

The Teksoft.exe is responsible for hosting the floating license for CAMWorks, and if the port is blocked, you’ll be unable to obtain a license from your host server. The executable is important to allow through versus the port as the Teksoft.exe will use a range of ports. These ports change when the server machine is restarted, so, in allowing the executable, it allows the connection for all ports it can use. This will prevent you from losing connection once it's set up.

The executable by default is located at C:\CWLicenseManager\Teksoft.exe.


Start by launching the Windows Defender Firewall control panel. You can do so by searching in the start menu or pressing Win + Q at the same time. Type in Windows Firewall and it should appear in the search list.

Windows Defender Firewall Control Panel

Once you have launched the Control panel, select Advanced settings. You will need admin rights to make changes to the advanced settings. Inside of the advanced settings, you can create exceptions through the firewall.

Windows Defender Firewall Control Panel Advanced Settings

In the advanced security panel, select the option for inbound rules and create a new rule. In the rule type, select Program. After selecting Program, you'll have the option after selecting Next, to select a program path. Select is the default path listed above, C:\CWLicenseManager\Teksoft.exe.

Firewall Inbound Rule Wizard Program

Firewall Inbound Rule Wizard Program Path

Next, select the option to allow the connection, since we want to be able to connect. To give it the best chance of connecting, check all three options:

  1. Domain
  2. Private
  3. Public

After that, name the rule. The name can be anything that helps you track it, as well as a description.

New Firewall Inbound Rule Wizard Action

Once you select Finish, the rule will be implemented through the firewall. To get the best possible connection, set the rule for outbound as well. Outbound can be found right below the inbound rule. Select New Rule and repeat the steps above.

Windows Defender Firewall Outbound Rules

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