SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Custom Line Types

Article by Agustin Jimenez on May 24, 2023

Within SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic, custom line types can be added and applied to wire styles, layers, and cable styles (shown below).

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Wire Style Management

Custom line Types SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Wire Style Management Line Type

Creating Custom Line Types

To create or add line types, within the project template, go to the Project tab > Configurations Drawing style…

Drawing Style Option SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic

If you do not have a drawing style associated with your project, select either imperial or metric style, and select Add to project.

Add to Project SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic

Drawing Style Management Properties SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic

From within the Edit drawing style dialog box, select the Linetypes tab.

Edit Drawing Style Linetypes SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Select Load...

Here is where you can select Open... and browse for a downloaded line type found from searching the web.

Browse Line Types SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Load Line Types

To create a custom line type, browse to C:Program Files > SOLIDWORKS Corp SOLIDWORKS Electrical Support within Windows File Explorer.

Open file linestyle.xlin with Notepad. Here you can see the format that needs to be followed. If you see a line style that is close, copy/paste and edit.


I want to create a line style that looks like this —- GRD —- GRD —- GRD —-

I am going to copy the following txt string, paste and edit






<LANGUAGE xml:lang=”en”>Gas line</LANGUAGE>

<LANGUAGE xml:lang=”fr”>Gaz</LANGUAGE>

<LANGUAGE xml:lang=”es”>Línea de gas</LANGUAGE>

<LANGUAGE xml:lang=”it”>Linea del gas</LANGUAGE>

<LANGUAGE xml:lang=”de”>Gasleitung</LANGUAGE>

<LANGUAGE xml:lang=”ko”>가스 라인</LANGUAGE>

<LANGUAGE xml:lang=”ja”>ガスライン</LANGUAGE>

<LANGUAGE xml:lang=”ru”>Газопровод</LANGUAGE>

<LANGUAGE xml:lang=”pt”>Linha de gás</LANGUAGE>

<LANGUAGE xml:lang=”cs”>Plynovod</LANGUAGE>

<LANGUAGE xml:lang=”zh”>输气管道</LANGUAGE>

<LANGUAGE xml:lang=”pl”>Linia gazowa</LANGUAGE>

<LANGUAGE xml:lang=”tr”>Gas line</LANGUAGE>

<LANGUAGE xml:lang=”zh-tw”>氣體管線</LANGUAGE>




Here is the edited txt string with deleted languages not required for this example.




<ascii>—- GRD —- GRD —- GRD —-</ascii>


<LANGUAGE xml:lang=”en”>Ground</LANGUAGE>



Save and close.

Using the steps from above to Open/Load a line type, open the newly edited and saved file linestyle.xlin

You will see your line type in the list.

Custom Line Type Tutorial SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic

Highlight the newly created line type and select Load selection and close.

Edit Drawing Style SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic

Now that the line type is loaded, it will be available anywhere you can specify a line type.

How to Create Custom Line Types in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic/2D

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Training

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics Training

Take the official SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics training course from GoEngineer. 

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