SOLIDWORKS PDM - How to Reset the SQL ‘sa’ User Password

Article by GoEngineer on Jun 29, 2020

When using Microsoft SQL Server Express or Standard version, you may need to change the System Administrator (sa) password. The most common case for reseting the password is when the ‘sa’ password has been forgotten. Now the latest version of SQL Server 2014 with more new features has been released.  This article introduces a basic method to reset the sa password in SQL Server 2014, which also apply to the previous versions of SQL Server 2012, 2008 and 2008 R2.


  • If the ‘sa’ password has been forgotten and needs to be reset you will need to login to the SQL server with Local Windows Administrator credentials.
  • Changing the ‘sa’ password in SQL does not update the SQL login password fields in the PDM Archive and Database Server properties where the ‘sa’ password is referenced. The PDM Archive and Database properties will need to be updated manually.
  • A restart of the SQL, PDM Archive & PDM Database server services are recommended when resetting the ‘sa’ password.
  • It is still necessary to have a secure windows account with appropriate permissions to access SQL and change the ‘sa’ password.


1. Check with any internal users who may have or had access to your SQL to make sure they don’t have the current ‘sa’ user password documented.
2. Login to the server which houses your SQL Database service as a Local Windows Administrator.
3. Launch SQL Server 2014 Management Studio from the start menu
4. Open SQL Server Management Studio and select ‘Windows Authentication’ to connect to Server.

microsoft sql server 2017

5. Expand the folder “Security -> Logins”. Right click ‘sa’ username and select ‘Properties’.

security logins object explorer

6. On Login Properties dialog select General. Delete the original password and type a new password in the Password field and confirm.

logins property dialog

7. Select ‘OK’ and close the SQL Login Properties dialog. Close SQL Server Management Studio to logoff. Relaunch SQL Server Management Studio and select ‘SQL Server Authentication’.  Enter new ‘sa’ password you just created.  Logging in will validate the password was reset correctly.

Tip: If you find you still cannot connect to the database with the ‘sa’ account after changing its password, you need to check the ‘sa’ account status and make sure it is in the Enabled status.

Once ‘sa’ password is successfully reset in the SQL Server Management Studio, the SQL login password fields in the PDM Archive and Database Server Services will need to be updated.

8. Launch PDM Archive Configuration tool.  Under Tools -> Default Settings… -> SQL login chose ‘Change’ button.  Enter newly reset ‘sa’ password.

pdm archive configuration tool

9. Launch PDM Database Server Configuration tool. Enter newly reset ‘sa’ password. database server configuration tool.jpg?format=webp

10. Restart the PDM Archive & Database server services

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