SOLIDWORKS PDM Local Vault View Deletion and Creation

Article by Derrick Franklin on Mar 23, 2016

This article contains the necessary steps to delete and recreate the client's local vault views in SOLIDWORKS PDM. Remember that before you delete a client’s local view, you MUST CHECK IN ALL FILES that are checked out to that particular user in that view. This is a very critical step and can be problematic if not done. 

It is also important to note that the user needs to have local Windows admin permissions as well as attach access in the archive server configuration tool in order to perform a vault view deletion or creation. Once you have ensured that all files are checked in on the client’s machine, please follow the steps below to delete and recreate the local view.

Delete Local View

Go into Windows Explorer and find the local view icon for the vault. Right-click on the icon and select Delete File Vault View. (Note: If you are not logged into the vault, you will be prompted to do so.)

Delete File Vault Views in SOLLIDWORKS PDM

Select the option Delete the cached file vault files and folders from the local hard disk, and then click Delete.

Delete Cached File Vault in SOLIDWORKS PDM

Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

Confirm Delete Local Files

The local vault view has now been deleted and you are ready to proceed with recreating the local vault view on the machine if needed.

Create Local View

Go to Start>All Programs>SOLIDWORKS PDM and select View Setup. This is the tool used to create the local view. (Note: If you are on a version earlier than SOLIDWORKS PDM 2016, the location for this tool is Start>All Programs>SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM.)

Create a Local View in SOLIDWORKS PDM

Click Next on the Welcome Screen.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Local Vault Welcome Screen

Select the checkbox next to the local archive server name to which you would like to attach. If the server name is not showing, click the Add button to add it. Then, click Next.

Select SOLIDWORKS PDM Archive Servers

Select the name of the vault for which you want to create the local view. Click Next.

Select Vault Local View

Choose the location where you want to place the local view. Under the Attach Type section, select For all users on this computer. Click Next. (Note: If you select the option Only for me, that would make the local view private and only that Windows User would be able to access the vault on that machine.)

place Local View in SOLIDWORKS PDM

On the Review Actions screen, confirm that you are connecting to the correct vault and then click Finish.

Review Actions Screen SOLIDWORKS PDM

You have now completed the process! Click Close.

Local Vault View Deletion Creation

You can now browse to the location of your local view in windows explorer and log into the vault!

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