SOLIDWORKS PDM Reorder Search Result Columns

Article by Enrico Tolentino on Dec 01, 2020

New in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020, users can reorder search result columns. The results column order will be automatically saved so that the columns will be in the desired order the next time you complete a search. Below is an example of searching for CAD files that have steel as their Material. 

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Reordering Search Results

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Let’s say I’d like to move the Document Number and Description closer to the left. I can simply drag those columns to my desired position.

Reorder Search Results in SOLIDWORKS PDM

The next time a search is run, the modifications to the column changes I’ve made are saved and the reordered columns are already set up saving me some time to get the results I’d like.

Reorder Search Results in SOLIDWORKS PDM


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