SOLIDWORKS Simulation Buckling Analysis Overview

Article by Krystal Petersen on Jul 22, 2022

Buckling is a mode of failure where sudden large displacements happen due to compressive loads. When slender structures are subjected to compressive loads, a sudden displacement can occur. This can happen even though the high stresses in the structure are well below the yield point.

Where is this Option Located?  

Buckling Analysis can be found when selecting New Study in SOLIDWORKS Simulation and opening the options within Buckling. 

Buckling Option SOLIDWORKS Simulation Study   SOLIDWORKS Simulation Buckling Analysis Setup

Setting up a Buckling Analysis in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 

A Buckling Mesh can be as complex as needed. But, at minimum, the Analysis requires a Material, an External Load, and the model needs to be Meshed. (Refer to the accompanying video for a step-by-step example.)


With those pre-requisite items complete, we can continue with the Buckling Analysis by Running the Study. If needed, an additional Study can be run to check the Yield stress to determine the required Factor of Safety.

Reading the Buckling Analysis

Once the Analysis has been run, you will be given the usual results chart under results. To read the Buckling Factor of Safety results, right-click on the Amplitude results and select Buckling Factor of Safety from the menu. Now that we have the Buckling Factor of Safety, we can compare it between Factors of Safety from a Static study result.

Reading a SOLIDWORKS Simulation Buckling Analysis

Using a Buckling Analysis in this way can be beneficial when determining if a model will yield first or buckle first. This can be a starting block for determining the safety of a model. Adding more analyses can further verify its viability in the real world.

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