Task Host Setup Checklist for SOLIDWORKS PDM

Article by Francisco Guzman on Sep 02, 2018

This article presents conditions that need to be met for a SOLIDWORKS PDM task host to run properly. Note that his article is NOT about how to configure a task host; we covered that topic here: Configure a Computer to Be a Task Host.

Main conditions

  • The machine must be a task host.
  • The machine name of the task host must be selected in the “Execution method” of task settings.
  • The task host machine must be on and logged into Windows
    • After power outages, this condition is typically not met for a task server. Your IT can help you set up an automatic login to the task server.
  • PDM Vault View of task host must be logged in as the user set to run the task.
    • After power outages, some machines boot up again, but this condition is not met.
    • On a task server, the PDM vault view must be opened in windows explorer at least once to log in.
      • Typically, our customer’s IT set up PDM automatic log-in and a windows task scheduler task to open the path to the vault view. This triggers the auto-login after reboot.

Other conditions

  • SOLIDWORKS Task Add-in must be up to date.
  • All proper .NET and other prerequisites must be installed with SOLIDWORKS CAD.
  • SOLIDWORKS must be able to run macros.
  • Pop-up messages from SOLIDWORKS must be dismissed and set to “don’t show again”.
  • Load Referenced Documents setting in SOLIDWORKS must be set to “None”.
    • SOLIDWORKS CAD > Tools > Options > External references > Load Referenced Documents
  • A SOLIDWORKS CAD floating/network license must be available.
  • A SOLIDWORKS PDM license must be available for task host.

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