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DriveWorks Nov 14, 2023

DriveWorks Live Integration Theme is a theme used by DriveWorks Live that hosts the DriveWorks Live Web API. It allows DriveWorks to integrate directly into a new or existing website, giving you the ability to customize the website itself to your liking, instead of having to use the pre-made DriveWorks forms through an iFrame. 


DriveWorks Sep 15, 2023

In DriveWorks, users can group multiple projects into one top-level project. Certain projects lend themselves to grouping small child projects into one large project. For example, if I wanted a project for a layout of conveyor belts, I could have one project for one conveyor section, and then the layout project could contain multiple conveyor section projects and verify they all had the same width so that they would be compatible.


DriveWorks Aug 10, 2023

DriveWorks 21 is shaping up to be perhaps the best release yet. Introduced at DriveWorks World 2023, DriveWorks 21 is more intuitive, more cloud-ready, and more customizable than ever before. Some of the biggest changes provide DriveWorks Live users with more reliable, modern methods of web integration. These enhancements provide a seamless transition between the Administrator tool and the embedded website configurator.



Automation can help you save time and improve the efficiency of your design processes. In this introduction to automation, we cover three powerful automation tools included in SOLIDWORKS: Macros, Design Tables, and DriveWorksXpress. 


DriveWorks Oct 12, 2022

GoEngineer has been a long-time value-added reseller and partner of DriveWorks. As with all of our product offerings, we want to be transparent and upfront with our customers when updates, new releases, or price changes occur. DriveWorks recently announced a price increase for all software licenses and subscription support contracts that will go into effect on January 1, 2023. 


DriveWorks Aug 19, 2021

In SOLIDWORKS, configurations can be managed in three ways: manually, with SOLIDWORKS design tables, and with Excel-driven design tables. When the number of configurations begins to add up, it can start to tax your SOLIDWORKS model performance. File size alone will increase tremendously with each configuration added. So what do you do when you’re beginning to reach the ceiling for what SOLIDWORKS can handle? You turn to DriveWorks. 


DriveWorks Dec 17, 2020
DriveWorks has built a new community platform called MyDriveWorks. If you are a current DriveWorks customer, head to my.driveworks.co.uk to create your new MyDriveWorks account. In the new DriveWorks Community, you can find a new user forum, learning portal, events, resources, and more.
DriveWorks Jul 02, 2020

DriveWorks Professional is your design automation tool that brings everything together. Whether you’re connecting to other business systems, hosting a website, or just sharing the project with your coworkers, DriveWorks Professional is a great tool for you. But the licensing for DriveWorks Professional works a little differently than with Solo and Xpress.


DriveWorks Jun 24, 2020

DriveWorks Solo is the second tier of DriveWorks licensing. The tool builds on the functionality of DriveWorksXpress by enhancing your drawing control, expanding your rules portfolio with tables, and so much more. Like DriveWorksXpress, you access DriveWorks Solo from SOLIDWORKS.


GoEngineer Community
Join the conversation! Over 8,000 engineers are already on the GoEngineer Community.