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SOLIDWORKS Standard is a complete parametric 3D CAD package that allows you to produce all of the fundamental design deliverables. Create parts and assemblies using an intuitive interface that provides simplicity and efficiency to your design process.

3D Model Robotic Hand Made in SOLIDWORKS Standard

Switching to SOLIDWORKS Standard with GoEngineer is a Fast Transition

Fast Transition

SOLIDWORKS Standard also understands that you might be transitioning from another 2D or 3D platform, so it also includes utilities to help you transition, yet, not forcing you to change your legacy data. Bundle our SOLIDWORKS Standard package with our 4-day classroom or online Essentials Training class, and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running in just one week.


Easy to learn 3D CAD design tools that help engineers innovate with efficiency.

SOLIDWORKS Standard tools include sheet metal,, weldments, featureworks and more

Sheet Metal

Automatically generate all of the manufacturing output you need – flat patterns, bend lines, hole tables, bounding box, and dxf export as needed. Our included drag-and-drop library provides ready-to-use embosses, ribs, extruded flanges, louvers, and lances.


Generate structural assemblies without the hassle of creating the detailed cross-section geometry for each structural member. This add-in will auto-generate a cutlist and give you the ability to assign materials and make changes as needed.

Xpress tools (‘Pocket’ Utilities)

Test-drive some of our most powerful solutions. With a SOLIDWORKS Standard license, you can explore analysis, manufacturing, and automation tools as often as you like for your design projects. Unlock the power of SOLIDWORKS with any of these embedded utilities.

File Translation (Importing non-native files)

3D Interconnect helps translate data from another CAD platform into SOLIDWORKS. You have the option to keep the source data linked without converting, open the source data in SOLIDWORKS and maintain the link to the source data, or break the link and save the source data into SOLIDWORKS. In a world of many available 2D and 3D CAD playgrounds, SOLIDWORKS plays well with others.


When opening a file from another CAD platform, SOLIDWORKS can enable FeatureWorks to ‘reverse engineer’ the native file into a language that SOLIDWORKS can read better. Using this tool will allow a user to make modifications to the features, getting back to the SOLIDWORKS signature parametric capability we rely on for productivity.

Mold Tools

Create your mold tooling components using our Mold Tools add-in. Mold Tools helps you generate your cavity, core, and side cores for complex plastic part designs. Beyond that, the tool will evaluate the draft based on the parting line.

Built-In Tutorials

SOLIDWORKS includes built-in tutorials are designed to make you feel more at home while learning. Our step-by-step tutorials are easy to follow and help you get acquainted with your new workspace. Built into the Help Menu, these files and tutorials can be revisited any time you open the application – perfect for the days leading up to your Essentials Training class or for instances when you need a refresher.


eDrawings enables you to extend your reach beyond the SOLIDWORKS application to collect feedback on your designs from collaborators and key stakeholders who might not be using SOLIDWORKS. Download this free tool on any desktop or mobile device (iOS and Android compatible) to access your designs. This is especially instrumental in the concept generation phase or if you are collaborating with members in another geographic location.

Hardware Library

Drag-and-drop components…

Data Management

Organize and secure…

Visualize Standard

Rendering package…

ECAD and Scan Data

Build PCBs and…

Batch Functions

Schedule batch tasks…

Tolerance Check

Utilize the TolAnalyst tool…

Drawing Checks

Design Checker can…


Enable the Costing tool…

Frequently Asked Questions

SOLIDWORKS is conveniently packaged in one zip file and it’s easy to download and install. Click here to download and install today!
Your SOLIDWORKS license never expires – it’s yours forever. If you purchased SOLIDWORKS 2015 a few years ago, for example, then you can still use SOLIDWORKS 2015 today. However, your service agreement does expire. Without a current service agreement, you will not be entitled to upgrade to the newer releases. You will also lose access to technical support, vouchers for certification, access to SOLIDWORKS Visualize, access to SOLIDWORKS CAM, and exclusive event access.
You can either purchase a Standalone license or a Network license. Standalone licenses belong to particular machines/users and are not intended to move (except for the case of a hard crash for example). A standalone license cannot be shared. Alternatively, you can opt for network licenses, which allows licenses to ‘float’ among many users. If you have 10 SOLIDWORKS users, you might buy 8 seats on a network, for example.
A reseller, like GoEngineer, is here to provide you the support and training you need to bring new technologies into your organization. SOLIDWORKS Corporate does the R&D and architecture of the software as well as leading the long-term planning. GoEngineer provides the service and support for the tool. We also create dialog with SOLIDWORKS Corporate to share our customer’s needs with them, which may result in software enhancements or refine product definition.
Many! The list is long! And depending on what format it is, SOLIDWORKS might be able to give you more options using our FeatureWorks add-in or our 3D Interconnect tools.
Not the most expensive one, in case you were looking for a good excuse to upgrade. The needs may vary, depending on whether you are running studies in our analysis packages (SOLIDWORKS Simulation, Flow, Plastics, etc.) or if you are rendering using SOLIDWORKS Visualize or if you are working with assemblies of 10,000+ parts. See our SOLIDWORKS hardware recommendations page for more information and deals on Dell systems.
SOLIDWORKS will easily read dxfs and dwgs and you can save them in a SOLIDWORKS drawing format. If you want to ‘transform’ your 2D models into 3D, there isn’t a ‘push-a-button’ method for that in SOLIDWORKS or any 3D CAD platform. This is because 2D prints lack the intelligence that is typically stored in a 3D model. Luckily we have a 2D to 3D toolbar you can use to help you generate 3D geometry from your 2D files. However, we find that with most customers, SOLIDWORKS is so easy to use that it’s faster for them to just create them in SOLIDWORKS from scratch.
You sure can. Click here for a downloadable datasheet pdf file for SOLIDWORKS CAD.
SOLIDWORKS Standard is a customizable software that is different for every user and every industry.  Please contact a GoEngineer Team Member by clicking HERE   to help tailor your specific needs and ensure you and your organization are successful with SOLIDWORKS.

"Going Beyond Design" SOLIDWORKS Whitepaper Cover


Going Beyond Design: Making CAD the Cornerstone of an Integrated Design-to-Manufacturing Process

SOLIDWORKS drives better team and company performance by uniting design, engineering, testing, quality control, tooling, and other disciplines within a single unified ecosystem.  Read this SOLIDWORKS whitepaper to learn more about how SOLIDWORKS Premium offers:

  • Virtual product simulation
  • Design validation
  • CNC tool path generation
  • Tooling development
  • Costing and quoting capabilities
  • Documentation development


Parts and Assemblies

Quickly create 3D parts and assemblies and easily edit them as the design needs evolve. Take measurements and interrogate for details such as mass or center of mass – all which would only be possible after building an actual prototype. Assess collision and interference instantly – a feature that is completely absent in a 2D environment. Our world-class easy-to-use interface is unmatched in the CAD world.


Repurpose all of the intelligence in your 3D models to instantly create 2D prints for manufacturing. Link metadata to your title block and have the flexibility to make changes to the drawing which links to the part, eliminating the risk of a mismatched part and drawing. *For a fluid transition to your quality control department, ask about how our SOLIDWORKS Inspection tool adds details to the drawing to streamline the Inspection process.


Innovate and design the most organic and contour shapes, whether it’s a guitar, an engagement ring, or a replacement car part. Take full control on the curvatures and transitions while SOLIDWORKS gives you real-time feedback.

Mold Tools

Create cavities and cores based on the most complex plastic part designs. SOLIDWORKS will be smart enough to update the geometry of the mold if the part design changes, allowing a more parallel design process.

SOLIDWORKS Standard  Features Drawings, Surfacing, and Mold Tools

SOLIDWORKS Standard Features Sheetmetal and Weldments


Sheet Metal

Our Sheet Metal add-in offers simple methods for design. Then, with just one click, Sheet Metal unfolds your design and back-calculates the bend lines, bounding box, and flat patterns. Use the pre-loaded tables for bend allowance, bend deduction, and/or K-factor tables. Strengthen your design by using our drag and drop embosses, ribs, and formed gussets. Looking to change the thickness? SOLIDWORKS instantly recalculates the geometry. *Take Sheet Metal one step further in our SOLIDWORKS Premium package by running a linear static analysis in our FEA tool to answer questions like “How thin can I make this before I expect deformation?” or do a cost comparison in our Costing tool and answer questions like “Does adding lightening holes increase the cost significantly?”


Convert a simple line sketch into a full structural design. Generate a BOM on a print to show the material and lengths you need. Assign corner treatments, gaps, end caps as needed to complete your design. Hundreds of structural profiles are available for download at no cost.

Productivity and Power

Xpress Utilities

Engage in learning paths, tutorials, recommended manufacturers, and forums for discussion on CAD topics.


Test-drive some of the best that SOLIDWORKS has to offer! Whether you’re in the design stages, manufacturing, or analysis, our Xpress tools will lead you to productivity and better design decisions.

  • DriveWorksXpress – Bypass repetitive workflows by applying a rules-based automation tool and configurator to generate parts quickly.
  • FloXpress – Calculate flow velocity of a fluid in an internal single cavity
  • DFMXpress – Identify manufacturability problems before they happen. DFMXpress will tell you if some of your design choices may be costly or unrealistic to manufacture. This is a perfect aid for those users who are new to design, or those less familiar with manufacturing and machining limitations.
  • SimulationXpress – Perform a linear static analysis on a part to determine how a part responds to certain loading conditions. New to FEA? Don’t worry! Our Simulation Wizard will walk you through the steps. The results can be shared with non-CAD users too!

3D Content Central

Users can populate our Property Tab form with metadata that is customized to your organization’s needs such as “Part Number”, “Preferred Vendor”, or “Bin Category”. This results in speed and consistency among drawings across a panel of SOLIDWORKS users.

Task Scheduler

As you upgrade regularly, you can batch convert all of your files to the latest release.

SOLIDWORKS Standard Features Xpress Utilities, eDrawings, 3D Content




Engage in learning paths, tutorials, recommended manufacturers, and forums for discussion on CAD topics.


Explore a user library of pre-designed parts such as a vendor’s model of a motor or a 3D model of a person to show scale in your next power plant project.

3D Content Central

Collaborate on your designs with others inside and outside of your organization. Using the markup and measure tools, your stakeholders can provide feedback and comments on your SOLIDWORKS file, even if they don’t have SOLIDWORKS.

User Groups

Join and participate in your local user group to build on your skills and see how others exercise various SOLIDWORKS solutions.

GoEngineer Customer Portal

With our service agreement, you’ll unlock the downloads and updates as well as the Knowledge Base - a repository for answers to commonly asked questions for translating unfamiliar error messages.

"...friendly attitude and talked me through the problems perfectly. Everyone I've dealt with at GoEngineer when needing support has always been friendly and courteous. Two thumbs up indeed!!”

- Matthew Grace 
Delta Scientific raves about GoEngineer SOLIDWORKS tech support

Upgrade from SOLIDWORKS Standard to Profesional

Build upon an already robust SOLIDWORKS Standard CAD package with SOLIDWORKS Professional.  Store and organize all of your CAD files and non-CAD files, new or old, in an ‘all-inclusive’ data management utility. Launch our Costing tool to make side-by-side cost comparisons based on materials, features, vendors, and labor.



Get Pricing for SOLIDWORKS Premium

SOLIDWORKS Premium is a comprehensive 3D design solution that adds powerful simulation and design validation to the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Professional, as well as ECAD/MCAD collaboration, reverse engineering, and advanced wire and pipe routing functionality for all types of industry product and part 3D modeling.



Utilize GoEngineer’s Award Winning Support & Training for SOLIDWORKS

Award Winning Technical Support

GoEngineer's extensive SOLIDWORKS technical knowledge and world class support can help you succeed with SOLIDWORKS. Our award-winning team is ready to help you with any task you may have. Using state-of-art remote assistant technology software allows our team to solve most issues within one session. Reach out and see why GoEngineer is the #1 reseller of SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys systems in the world!

  • 125+Certified Technical Specialists
  • Email, Phone and Chat Support Available
  • 98% Exceptional Customer Service Rating



GoEngineer offers online and classroom professional SOLIDWORKS training for organizations and individuals. All our instructors are SOLIDWORKS certified and teach thousands of students each year world wide. The curriculum is very diverse with numerous certified SOLIDWORKS courses to choose from. Each student will receive a Course Completion Certificate and preparation materials for SOLIDWORKS certification.

  • Increase Your Earning Potential
  • Led by Certified SOLIDWORKS Instructors
  • Smaller Classes with Focused Attention


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