Artichoke Lamp Shade Modification: Design Hacks

Article by Brandon Harris on Dec 29, 2020

While exploring, I found a file I wanted to 3D print, an Artichoke Lamp Shade by gCreate. It would fit well in my home, but I had a few issues with the model. One problem I had was that it is too large for my 3D printer, and because of this, I needed to split it into individual pieces.

3D Printed Artichoke Lamp Shade

Figure 1 – Model found on

After considering my options, I decided that instead of modifying the file as was my initial intention, it would be better to use the file as a template and recreate the pieces I wanted and modify them as needed.  

For this model, I noticed there are seven different ‘scales’ that were each patterned six times around a central axis. So, I only needed to model the seven scales. After a few failed attempts to model them, I found a method that worked well. Using SOLIDWORKS, I generated a Reference Plane that bisected a set of scales and used an intersection curve to get a profile to use with an Extrude

After getting the proper shape of the scales, I was free to make the changes I wanted and added structures to attach them. Once I was happy with the results, I used the Save Bodies command to create new parts from each of the scales.  

To add more style to my 3D printed parts, I included a gold leaf to the inner surface of each scale, which would have been impossible if it had been printed in one piece.  

Artichoke Lamp Shade CAD Model

Figure 2 – Modeled scales

One of the things I love about the Maker community is that there are so many talented people who share their work on websites like I have loaded my version of this model back to so that others will be able to further enjoy these models for free. You can get a copy of my files here

Custom 3D Printed Artichoke Lamp Shade GoEngineer

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